Asked on Nov 17, 2012

Please tell me Downey Mildew is not back this year

Nancy MerrellJudy Gavert LawlerPeg Davenport


OK I have issues with my impatience again this year. The following pics are from today. My impatience were doing so great about 2 weeks ago, all of a sudden they are dropping leaves and petals just like they did last year when we had a bout with Downey Mildew. The strawberry jar that looks real bad started about a week ago the fairly good one was doing great and now the same things. The hanging basket thats pretty good is showing the same as the bad one. I'm about ready to pull them, out and use another plant HELPPPP !!!!
This clay pot looked beautiful 2 weeks ago
This one is starting to loose its leaves and petals won't be long before it looks like the other
This basket looked good about 2 weeks ago also bow its awful
This one is so so but I'm sure its days are numbered
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