Asked on Nov 20, 2012

Who should I see/contact if I suspect black mold behind my bathroom pedestal sink?

Carol SHamtil Construction LLCWoodbridge Environmental


When I had tile installed in the bathroom, the person doing the work said he found a lot of mold. He said that he tore a lot of the material out and replaced with new. I just noticed that the baseboard behind the sink has a yellowing area along the bottom and a couple of blackish/gray spots. The tile work was done in Sept.
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  • Mold develops because of moisture. Your first step is to determine the cause of the moisture and stop it. You said that the tile person tore out and replaced with new. New what? Wall, floor? The yellowing of the baseboard can be mold, or it can be a sealant that is simply yellowing. But if your seeing some black/gray spots starting to show up, then suspect mold. In any case, a plumber can be called in to determine the cause of the moisture. Many times the drain were it connects into the wall behind the trims can be leaking. It does not take very much also. A little drip ever few hours is all that it takes. Once done, do not worry about testing, regardless of the type of mold that can be growing it all gets treated the same way. That is to remove any material that is porous in nature. This includes drywall. Wood trim can be sanded down to clean condition, then sealed using a anti-microbial primer then painted should work fine. And unless you have an area greater then four feet square, any good quality handyman, or contractor should be able to do this project for you. But first find the leak.

  • Carol S
    on Nov 20, 2012

    I think it was part of the flooring that he replaced. I didn't see it and when he said he replaced "it," I buried my head in the sand and forgot it. Your answer seems to touch every area and I really appreciate it so much. I'll be calling in a plumber. Thank you!

  • Hamtil Construction LLC
    on Nov 25, 2012

    Hi Carol S., if you need a reputable contractor to look at the situation and provide an opinion, please message me. I have a contact in Hanceville who I would highly recommend.

  • Carol S
    on Nov 26, 2012

    Thank you. I'll hang on to this.

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