Make Your Own Designer Switchplates

Most switch plates and outlet covers lack personality and flair. Yet it's so easy to turn them into something special with very simple materials. See how you can make your own designer switch plates! If you love these patterns I made, you can download the printables at the end!
First gather some designs and patterns you love - I created some with graphics I have, you can download the printables at the end! - and print them onto medium weight cardstock.
Next cut the pieces to size, trace the openings onto the paper, and cut those out.
Brush Mod Podge onto the flat surface of the plates, and lay the patterned paper on top, make sure the openings match and edges align nicely.
TIP: rubber bands make it easy to hold the shape during the gluing process!
The final step is to coat the surface of these switch plates with 2 coats of Mod Podge or acrylic gel, so they become more water resistant, and in the future easy to clean with a damp cloth.
To download the patterns or see more, visit the link below.

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3 questions
  • Ruth Donnelly
    on Nov 10, 2016

    Hi, I'm from the UK, is Mod Podge the same as PVA flue?

  • Cate
    on Feb 4, 2019

    So I tried this and the cardstock would not stick to the back of the plate. had to use duct tape to hold it together. Than, When I placed it on the wall and screwed the screws in, the paper tore around the opening. It looks awful. The opening where the switch is and outlet plug is tore as well. Any suggestions?

    • Jill Ron Pike
      on Apr 16, 2019

      To cut the openings in the card stock without tearing, you need a SHARP craft knife. Make all your cuts and pilot holes BEFORE APPLYING ANY Mod Podge, and work with your paper FACE UP until you attach it to the switch plate. After cutting the designed card stock to size, place it face up on your working surface. Flip the switch plate over, CENTER the plate on the paper, and trace the edges and openings through the back side of the switch plate onto the front side of your paper. Mark pilot holes for the screws with a pin or needle through the screw holes. Cut the rectangle openings out with the craft knife, keeping your paper face UP. The card stock should be trimmed right to the edges of the plate front, and not glued to the back side of the plate. In the picture with the rubber bands, see how she cut diagonal slits so the paper conforms to the rounded corners on the front? NOW you're ready to Mod Podge!

      After Mod Podge has completely dried, and before you actually screw the switch plates to the fixture, enlarge the pilot holes gently with just the point of the screw or the needle or pin you used to mark the holes. That keeps the thread in the screws from grabbing the paper, twisting and ripping it.

  • Doris
    on May 16, 2020

    Love them but do not know how to print on cardstock. Any other way I can get these designs?

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