What paint color goes with this beautiful oak?

I like this oak wall but that green color is killing me. It was like this when we moved in. Any good neutral colors. Should we do white trim and leave oak as is? Thanks Kiandy
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  • Jackie Santos Jackie Santos on Jan 31, 2015
    Hi Check out Olympic Pairie Dust or Behr Marquee Lost Canyon or Bamboo Shoot or Ancient Scroll. Hope those colors work for you
  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on Jan 31, 2015
    Cannot tell if the wall wood is panelling or not but if you like the dark wood there, a soft neutral gray would soften the dark wood...White trim on the doors and door way trim would brighten everything up in what looks like a fairly dark area.
  • Kiandy Kiandy on Jan 31, 2015
    Thanks for your ideas! I'll look up the paint colors!
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Feb 01, 2015
    Sorry, I like Green with oak...all Earth colors look well together. I am going to have my kitchen green to go with my new Oak cabinets and Cypress open shelving.
  • Jean Blakeley-Cook Jean Blakeley-Cook on Feb 01, 2015
    for an old house that is craftsman style, then a cream/antique white or parchment color is great. really, its fantastic and not boring. however, if its more queen anne era victorian, then look at earthy colors such as olive green, slate blue, maroon, rust, ochre, even wall paper (think Bradbury and Bradbury)
    • Bonnie Bonnie on Feb 03, 2015
      @Jean Blakeley-Cook This looks to be a minty-type green; with the correct color tone, a sage or olive would be much better. I agree with Jean, any of the earthy colors would look great, but a parchment or antique white would be really fresh and classic; the look will never go out of style. Then you can make the room pop with the colors from your decor. Good bones is the foundation to decorating. The wood trim/wainscoting is fabulous!
  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Feb 01, 2015
    Hi Kiandy- What color you paint it depends on whether you want the oak to stand out or become one with the wall. The darker the paint color, the less obvious the oak is, and vise versa. That wall appears to be on the dark side, so lightening it up would make sense. It appears that you have a dark green tartan plaid sofa in front of it, so I would match the creamy white color in that plaid and paint the walls with that-something like Benjamin Moore Linen White is a pretty light cream color with hints of yellow that will go nicely with the yellow in the oak. When you paint the trim white around a dark door, it makes the door appear like a square box, so you might want to leave the trim dark along with the doors. I would add a horizontal mirror over the sofa, plus some toss pillows and a throw in the same lighter color. Here is a link to the color: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/linenwhite Good luck!
  • Debra Debra on Feb 01, 2015
    Yes, that is hideous~Lol. I would try a light pale color since the oak is very dark colored. You could try cream, eggshell, tan colors.
    • Debra Debra on Feb 01, 2015
      Also I would keep the trim as is. It matches nicely together. I wouldn't paint the trim white.
  • Kiandy Kiandy on Feb 01, 2015
    OK thank you for all your feedback!
  • Linda Hayes Linda Hayes on Feb 01, 2015
    I'd suggest a soft wheat color on the ceiling as well as the walls.
  • Terry Terry on Feb 01, 2015
    Golden yellow would bring out the warm tones in the wood.
  • Crystal Crystal on Feb 01, 2015
    Your green is a cool tone. Look for a color (even green) in a muted/warm tone, it will totally change the feel of the room.
  • STLsportsLady STLsportsLady on Feb 01, 2015
    Try a soft gold on the walls. It lightens up the room and make the wood look warm.
  • Dolores D Dolores D on Feb 01, 2015
    I would go with neutral colors; creams, grays or beiges
  • Debbie Debbie on Feb 01, 2015
    Ditto. Creams, pale beige or some of the newish greiges.
  • Debby Carling Debby Carling on Feb 02, 2015
    Love white, wood and greys!
  • Loretta Clark Loretta Clark on Feb 02, 2015
    Whatever color you use on the wall, consider using several shades lighter on the ceiling for a really finished look.
  • Lex263207 Lex263207 on Feb 02, 2015
    I agree with Linda Hayes. Sherwin Williams "Basket Beige" is a nice neutral color. Paint the ceiling the next lightest shade on the color card. Any trim that has to be painted (not the oak) could be in SW Macadamia.
  • Z Z on Feb 02, 2015
    @Kiandy, I believe what you have there is Knotty Pine stained in an oak tone. Consider the colors in your upholstered sofa and choose the lightest color from it. By what I can see that would be a beige tone. Which looks as though you have that color in your bricks in the other room too.
  • Z Z on Feb 03, 2015
    Decided to do a virtual for you. I wasn't sure what kind of art you liked or I would have added something above the sofa too.