Cleaning With Used Cling Sheets!?!?!

I have always wanted to find a use for old used cling sheets because I really don't like throwing them away. With a little help from my friend google, I figured out that you can use them to clean your faucets. WHAAA?
BEHOLD the magical used cling sheet!!! I imagined that in a very loud booming voice.
I used a tiny bit of water scrubbed and here is the finished result.
You can see that it is much more shiny, as opposed to the incredibly dull earlier finish.
So I learned that something that is used, can once again have a new use. I know this is simple and that many may already know about this but I did want to share because I think it is kind of cool!

first time really using hashtag. :-P

Suggested materials for this project:

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    • Joyce
      Joyce Traverse City, MI
      on Feb 3, 2015

      I'm not sure what cling sheets are, but I do know that dryer sheets--the anti-static things--are absolutely TERRIFIC for cleaning a thousand surfaces! I used one with its chemicals still intact, plus some Windex, to remove a huge paint splash on a roommate's sliding glass door, the glass portion (she was a total drama queen, wailing that the door was "ruined" by the paint, so I had to act fast); took only a small amount of elbow grease, and five minutes, and that glass was cleaner than anything she ever did to it.

      • Hannah V
        Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
        on Feb 3, 2015

        How cool!