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A Bathroom Makeover... Minus Mr. 'Big Honkin' Vanity'.

I use to detest this bathroom. So much so, that I had the guys throw the big ugly vanity to the curb. It was like a ray of sunshine came down because the room doubled in size and I knew I could do something cool with it. And the rest is history.
Even a small bathroom stands half a chance if you choose your stuff wisely. A ladder for towel storage truly rocks as it takes so little real estate.
Toilet paper storage at it's junkiest. This simple storage solution went semi viral all over the land. Gotta love when the world knows and loves where you store your toilet paper, huh? (Scotts brand since we're at it)
Ohhh and then there's my numbered headboard with a ridiculous amount of hooks. They must be broken though because my son still drops everything on the floor.
You have to see the before. See that vanity?! It took up half the room. Ever try changing in a closet? Wait... a yellowed yellow closet. Yeah. That.
Here, I knew you'd want a closeup of this creature of beauty. Do you like the open air drawer? Class all the way.
I love you big wide open spaces (NON HONKIN' VANITY) bathroom!

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2012/11/a-bathroom-with-ladder-and-famous.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    on Nov 27, 2012

    I just love "before and afters"! And this is a great one. Your bathroom is beautiful!

  • Creatively Living
    Creatively Living Richland, WA
    on Nov 27, 2012

    LOVE this bathroom makeover! You somehow made the "junk" look chic!

  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class Spring, TX
    on Nov 27, 2012

    Wow! What a difference with the the new vanity. I love the color palette too.

  • Cajas de Caramelos
    Cajas de Caramelos Spain
    on Nov 27, 2012

    wow!. ¡Me encanta!. Está precioso. Seguir a Donna es un gusto.

  • Trent-Tonya Sharp
    Trent-Tonya Sharp Franklinton, LA
    on Nov 27, 2012

    love it great job :) i want to make the crate storage with the tag plate on it so my question is did you rust it yourself or was it already like that? i have one but it is not rusted if you rusted it yourself how did you do it ?

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