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Asked on Feb 4, 2015

Need help to redo this treasure I found

Marion NesbittSue@CountryDesignHomeSimple Southern Charm


Don't have any idea when this was made, but I'm in love with it.
q painting an old cabinet, home decor, painted furniture
q painting an old cabinet, home decor, painted furniture, Out side under cover I want it inside
Out side under cover.. I want it inside
7 answers
  • Melody
    on Feb 4, 2015

    I'm not an expert, but from the looks of the piece I'd say it's from the late 60's or 70's. Neat piece!

    • Margaret
      on Feb 5, 2015

      I want to use it in the main living area in my house. Living room, bonus room, or dinning room.. Not sure yet. If living room I could give my hubby a largeTV that he wants and put the smaller one one it.. As i don't watch TV.. Or in dinning room for storage or perhaps showing off nice pieces of crystal and China...I just want it to like lovely and usable.

  • Wint
    on Feb 5, 2015

    I see many possibilities. Do you want to use it in an entry area, bathroom or just as an accent piece?

  • Margaret
    on Feb 5, 2015

    @ Wint I want to use it for a TV stand in the living room. Or possibly the bonus room. At any rate It will be showed in the living area of our house. Maybe the dinning room.. Not sure yet.. I just love the piece and know it can be fixed up .. I am not a DIY person, but a want-a-be..

  • Lindcurt
    on Feb 5, 2015

    It's hard to tell how the cabinet doors are constructed but if possible I would get someone to use a router to cut 2 horizontal grooves across the cabinet door, matching the top one, to make the doors look like 16 small drawers. Like an old card catalog in a library. Add simple pulls to each " drawer" and paint it all to match.

  • Simple Southern Charm
    on Feb 5, 2015

    Great little piece! I'm on a gold kick of late. I'd totslly paint it white and do a pretty muted gold in the recesses. I'd definitely add paper to the drawer fronts. Check out the armoire I just did with papered interior drawers. Great find! Can't wait to see it all done.

  • Sue@CountryDesignHome
    on Feb 5, 2015

    Hi Margaret- cool piece! Looks like it has been outside awhile, so it needs a little TLC before you paint it. The bottom looks like it has some mildew going on, so I would wash the entire thing down with bleach or mold/mildew remover to make sure all the spores are gone before bringing it inside. I buy the mod/mildew cleaner from the dollar store and it always works great-spray it on, wait a minute or two-then wipe it off. The color you paint it depends on where its going to be and the style of your furnishings. This piece shows more mid-century modern style to me, even though the hardware is not, so I would keep the paint with clean lines-not shabby chic or distressed. You don't show the living or dining rooms where it will potentially be used, but you could choose an accent color from the room (throw pillows from the living room, china color in the dining room) and paint it that color. I would lose those four top knobs and perhaps even replace the two door pulls with something a bit more in keeping with the piece-something retro or mid-century. Same with the two bottom pulls. Or, depending on your furniture styles in the rooms, you could make it quite fancy with some cut glass knobs and painted hardware on the bottom. Possibilities are endless! Have fun with it!

  • Marion Nesbitt
    on Feb 5, 2015

    Lucky you! I see great storage ideas. Do the small square drawers at the top open? If so, I'd use them for storing candles, napkin rings, and similar. I'd use the bottom drawers to store items like place mats, table linens, chargers. Might remove the drawer front on the drawer above these to store platters or such. The other rectangular spaces could be used for dishes and to display collectibles. I would paint the unit. You could paper or place mirrors in the four rectangles.

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