Asked on Nov 29, 2012

Has anyone used that product Glass 2? Its new to me here in Florida

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of Course you search the manufactures website...But i was wondering if its specification sheet matches what actually is as to staining, scratching and various other benefits?
apparently its been installed in places like California, etc. here in Florida it seems we are the last to know about innovative products..I do my part in always bringing in new products, which increase cost of shipping...just wondering..I love fabricating it..just did the job below
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  • Elizabeth Madden
    on Nov 29, 2012

    Interesting product, I had never heard of it but it is beautiful. I wonder about using it as a countertop though because of scratching.

  • Brooks Custom
    on Nov 29, 2012

    Interesting top. We offer Fusion Glass at our shop for countertops, which is comprised of several layers of glass fused together in a kiln, but this looks different.

  • Refresh Gene McDonald
    on Nov 29, 2012

    Elizabeth...many do..its just as hard as granite and even harder than marble...I think because its FUSED glass chips all put together..I guess if you hit it with a hammer just like granite or concrete it will break..but the scratching is my concern as says its repairable...but to me from repairing granite cracks etc..the polishing out the scratch may have potential customers nervous. check out their MFg link that shows the stats Thanks..for the comment..I know dark Corian scratches like crazy..they say sand it out..but who wants to do that..LOL

  • Angela M
    on Dec 1, 2012

    Add me to the list of never hearing about this :) Does it get "cloudy" after a while?

  • Trent-Tonya Sharp
    on Dec 1, 2012

    i have never heard of it myself but it is so pretty that i would be scared to prepare anything on it. wow love the shine

  • Refresh Gene McDonald
    on Dec 1, 2012

    here in Florida guys I just seen it...but apparently its been around California for awhile...of course they get all the cool stuff first. But I cannot answer as far as cloudy goes..its fused glass.and resin if it gets may be a knock off..but Ill keep you posted guys..the people who bought it off me are aware it is a new product and were aware it was my first time fabricating this they will tell me everything...I really hope I dont hear its getting cloudy..I hope Angela didnt jinx me..LOL .I will post more close up pics soon..I have a great weekend guys

  • Refresh Gene McDonald
    on Dec 7, 2012

    Here we show an up close look at the Glass 2 as well as the Kirei cabinetry, the interior of the cabinets were made of Birch ply..I will keep you posted if staining occurs..I really hope this product is as cool as they say it is for maintenance frree type material

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