Keurig Cup Carousel Repurposed. Art Supplies Storage.

I found this Keurig Carousel at the thrift for a few bucks and knew I could figure out how to use it for something else. I desperately needed a way to keep all my acrylic paint organized and yet have them displayed so I could still see the colors easy enough. After a few adaptations this Keurig carousel was perfect!
Step 1: Spray paint Keurig Caruosel. I went with a Rustoleum metallic gold
Step 2: The acrylic paint did not work “as is” unfortunately I had to make the middle size “thicker” in order for the acrylic pain containers to actually stay. So I troublshooted several different ways to make this work and this was my solution. I found a thick piece of paper, almost like a cardboard texture, and fed it through, circled it around the middle pole until it was the thickness I needed to fill the gap in order for the acrylic pain containers to stay.
Step 3: Tape the paper after you found the desired width needed
Step 4: To insure the paper around the middle pole stayed in place I simply, stuffed it with paper towels, so it would not move around and stayed firm.
Step 5: Make a nice circle for the top of the carousel, so it looks prettier. I just used leftover paper, cut the circle width I need, and cut a small slit to slide it on. I did not tape mine, but you could if you wanted to.
Boom. Done. Organized.Happy Repurposing!

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Cassie Kent

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  • Barb in Texas
    Barb in Texas
    on Jul 10, 2018

    Very cool, I wonder if a paper towel tube would work for the center column?

    • Jewellmartin
      on Sep 1, 2018

      If one paper towel roll wouldn’t work, two or three would. Just slice the outer two rolls lengthwise so they would cup around the inner roll. Tape the outer roll with duct tape, and paint it when you paint the rest of the holder. That size holder would take care of enough paint to really make a difference. Toodles! ☺️

  • Robin
    on Jul 20, 2019

    Did the desk have a smell inside? Sometimes old furniture will have it I don’t know how to get it out.

    • Devonie Fox
      Devonie Fox
      on Jul 28, 2020

      You can get rid of odor by putting coffee grounds in the drawers and spaces. The coffee grounds absorbs the odors. You need to leave it for several days or a week.

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  • Cassie Shires Barnett
    Cassie Shires Barnett
    on Feb 18, 2018

    I've had one of these staring at me sitting right beside my paints forever!! I could never figure out how to keep them from slipping down! Thanks for the pointer, my paints and brushes are now happily in their new home!
  • Bmorris416
    on Nov 2, 2020

    We made this out of ours.

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