Asked on Dec 3, 2012

Electricity in finished basement

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When the original owners of our house finished the basement they ran the romex through the concrete block before adding wood strips and paneling. Is this the right way to do this? If not how should it be done?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 3, 2012

    This depends a bit on what type of wire was used...normal NM wire is not permitted for contact with cement / concrete. Ideally is should be run through conduit, UF wire can be used in some cases. There are also issues if this is a fireblock wall etc. I would recommend to have a licensed electrical contractor look at it. Most regions allow homeowner to do any type of work on their own homes without being licensed for specific trades. But that does not mean best practices and codes are used.

  • without seeing exactly what you have regarding running wires through the block I would suggest as KMS said, have a licensed electrical contractor review what ever work was already done and have him/her advise you on how to fix or improve the current install. While some jurisdictions all one method of doing something others may not. As an example in many city environments you can only use bx wire or wire inside emt conduit. While outside of the city you can use romex wires. So get this investigated by a local contractor. It will be worth the cost for their one or two hours spent to get you on the right track.

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