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Craft Room Makeover - From Living Room to Craft Room

I love crafting. At some point I realized that it would be easier to convert my empty formal living room area into an actual craft room. So, that's what I did! I removed all the formal hunter green and burgundy wallpaper and replaced it with vibrant colors that made me happy.
I changed my formal living room into a craft room!
After I purchased this house, I yanked up the old beat up carpet and discovered hard wood floors underneath. I thought I wanted a formal living room area. I imagined wing back chairs and such, so I went ahead with this wallpaper. The room remained untouched for years because I never found the furniture I imagined, yet my craft supplies were crowding me out so I decided to change this space into a craft room.
I tried to continue the "theme", but the space didn't inspire me. I think I just was afraid to actually start over, especially since I had invested in that custom wallpaper. But sometimes, you just have to start over.
This is part of the original setup. I used the fabric in the corner as a backdrop for photographing my items for my Etsy shop.
I purchased this chair for $5 at the Habitat Restore. The form is in really great shape, but I do need to reupholster it. (I have the fabric, just need the time.)
The accent wall was painted a charcoal gray to be a better backdrop for my art prints. Our local Hallmark went out of business and I was able to purchase the yarn stand (originally housed stuffed animals) and the card rack for $10 each. The two white picture ledges were purchased at IKEA.
After removing the wallpaper, my dad and I painted three of the walls in this "Spring Green". My family thought I'd lost it, but I was in love with the vibrant color.
Small items like buttons are contained in these magnetic spice jars which are held in place by a magnetic knife holder, all purchased at IKEA.
I found the round mirror at the Habitat Restore for a couple of dollars, then I spray painted it white. The dresser was the one my parents bought when I was a child. I chalk painted it with a DIY chalk paint and spray painted the knobs (I'll post a separate tutorial for that). Inside the dresser you will find loads of fabrics and other sewing notions.
For additional storage, I purchased two 6-cube storage shelves and added 6 Cubical baskets, which store my yarns (sorted by colors).
If you're interested in seeing this entire makeover from start to finish, check out this playlist. There is also a video that shows how I organized the small closet in this craft room as well.

To see more: http://blog.artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth.com/2013/09/my-craft-room-reveal.html

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