Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Short story children made me breakfast in bed and one left the oven door ajar (Not Me did it) resulting in the plastic laminate melting on doors and drawers on each side of the oven. Now how could I be mad at my sweet angels who were only trying to please me on my birthday? I lived with them like that for years when one day I pulled on a piece of the laminate and it peeled right off, very easily. Oops! Now what? It looked worse then ever now. So I peeled ALL the laminate off ALL the cabinets. Now I got myself in a big mess! So I just winged it. Didn't read anything about how to paint cabinets, just did it ....and a good thing, because they came out better then I'd ever expected. I like them a lot better then the white. All for $60 and a lot of time!!
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