Asked on Dec 16, 2012

pictures of finished bedroom.....

Miriam IWoodbridge Environmental


When done working on my bedroom could we send pics to see if we could feature them in mags or even on facebook...will be about 2 or so more months before finished? Denise Maloney thank-you
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  • You can feature your photos here on Home Talk. The likelihood of getting featured in any magazine would be low. Your best bet to get noticed is to take progress photos from start to finish so people can see all the hard work you put into the project. Be sure to take all sorts of notes on your progress as you move along to create a story about the task at hand. Keeps people interested. There have been many Home Talkers posting their projects that they have done in their homes. From Bedrooms, Kitchens, baths and whole house renovations. What is your goal in getting them featured?

  • Miriam I
    on Dec 17, 2012

    Hi Denise, we'd love to see pictures of your r-designed bedroom here on Hometalk!

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