My Three Disciplines

My work has employed the use of three distinct disciplines for many years. I am a general contractor and am involved in all manners of construction, rough to finish. I am a designer and produce the details, plans and execution of interior and exterior treatments and furnishings. And, I have been a painter, more specifically a watercolorist, since childhood.
Last week, our local Allied Arts Association held its annual fundraising home tour. I had constructed and remodeled one of the homes featured and designed and furnished the finish treatments for the overall interior design. As part of the staging for the tour, I found it appropriate to hang several of my watercolors as they are of local subjects and stylistically in keeping with the home's design.
The event became the rare opportunity to capture the three disciplines together in one photograph. A colleague likened the experience to physically walking through an artist's portfolio. It does not get any better than that.
Construction, Finish Work and Watercolors
The detail of the baluster is added to the adjacent wainscoting that stylistically surrounds the dining area.
San Simeon Creek watercolor over an Arts and Crafts wainscote
Three Disciplines
Arts and Crafts
2012 Allied Arts Home Tour
San Simeon Creek Watercolors

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