Asked on Dec 19, 2012

Which type of decking style do you prefer?

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Traditional or Modern?
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  • Sharon E. Hines
    on Dec 19, 2012

    I prefer traditional.

  • John DeGraaf
    on Dec 19, 2012

    While both have their appeal, I'd have to go with traditional. Its more like a home in my opinion. -John

  • Most definitely the traditional!

  • Ben
    on Dec 20, 2012

    I lean towards the modern, sleek lines.

  • HomeSpot HQ
    on Dec 20, 2012

    I prefer traditional

  • Dee W
    on Dec 20, 2012

    I think it depends more on the house than personal taste, and I prefer traditional

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Dec 20, 2012

    I agree with Dee. The decking should be appropriate to the house. (Although i would posit that there is a better chance of modern decking looking good on a traditional house than traditional decking looking good on a modern house.)

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 20, 2012

    Wood...with a view

    which type of decking style do you prefer, decks, outdoor living, my deck
  • Trent-Tonya Sharp
    on Dec 20, 2012

    traditional one and @KMS Woodworks view wood with a view

  • Kathleen M
    on Dec 20, 2012

    I prefer the modern one in this example but I am not against traditional style.

  • Wahoo Decks
    on Dec 20, 2012

    Great feedback! Both are beautiful, it is hard to pick!

  • Carol G
    on Jan 6, 2014

    It is not fair to have to compare such different style houses. One is a show case while the other is a home. Neither deck would look great if they were switched around. I prefer a home.

  • Envy Lawn
    on Jan 27, 2014

    I, myself, am more of a traditional homeowner with modern convenience such as artificial turf. It really depends on the style of the homeowner and also the home's architecture which deck and porch is going to be most beneficial for the structure. For example, the colonial wooden fence will not work with a modern home, but using ornamental iron could!

  • Teresa D
    on Jan 27, 2014

    Traditional for me! Difficult to compare these totally different styles of home though.

  • Renie Thompson
    on Feb 1, 2014


  • KathrynElizabeth Etier
    on Feb 1, 2014

    It depends on the house getting "decked," but my first choice is traditional if it works with the style of the home.

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