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Empty space! No ideas what toplace to the right? Shelves or make it a seating area with pillows?Or do I put my TV here?
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  • Tamela Bowie Interiors Tamela Bowie Interiors on Feb 20, 2015
    My suggestion would be to first balance the fireplace by adding open shelving on both sides of the fireplace. Quick the fireplace connected to the white hearth?

  • Monica Monica on Feb 21, 2015
    Hello, Thank you for replying. Fireplace is connected to the hearth, which makes it even harder.

  • Ilona Elliott Ilona Elliott on Feb 23, 2015
    Monica that could be lovely! I think the stark white makes the hearth and fireplace feel oversized and it would work better the same color as the wall with some accent color on the trim pieces, maybe black or terracotta or navy on the horizontal trimbands. Then I would probably follow the suggestion of shelves on the sides, which would also help to hide all the cords from the TV. You could incorporate the TV into the new shelves on the right of the fireplace. If you decorate with items or artwork over the FP, go large and less for impact and to avoid a cluttered look. You could paint the shelving to match the trim on FP and tie it all together. If you do move the TV, a bold piece of art with vivid colors that pull the wall colors in would be dynamite. Please post photos so we can see your finished product!

  • Cloudrider53 Cloudrider53 on Feb 25, 2015
    I think your fireplace is beautiful But I think the tv takes away from the beauty of it. Can you put the tv somewhere else? I would make the fireplace the room focal point. The space to the side I would put baskets and books, some candles, and put sitting pillows in front for a nice place to sit and read or relax. I would balance out the fireplace itself with something on both side of it, like large candles that sit on a holder. I have some example pics for you.

    • MuranoBlue MuranoBlue on Mar 01, 2015
      @Cloudrider53 Wonderful use of curvature in #3. I have serious envy of those windows too.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Feb 27, 2015
    Is there a sofa opposite the t.v?It does look a bit high. I like symmetry, so I would probably leave the t.v. in the middle of the room, put a couch, loveseat or 2 chairs opposite and put eithernarrow tables or shelves on the sides of the tv and fireplace, to display mementos( vases, candlesticks, pictures, books, etc. show us when you decide:)

  • SurfNturf SurfNturf on Mar 03, 2015
    I agree with cloudrider53 in that the TV takes away from the beauty of your fireplace. Since the large hearth is connected, I suggest you build an extension of it on the other side for visual balance (you can probably just keep it straight). Paint your bookcase white, place it on the new extension (secure it to the wall) and add some trim moldings to compliment the look of your fireplace. Build a similar case to the opposite side, with a place for the TV at an angle to match the existing hearth. Use cloudrider53's photo examples to dress your mantle. Good luck!

  • Ricardo Martinez Ramos Ricardo Martinez Ramos on Mar 05, 2015
    TV to the corner. Never put a TV above a fireplace, I've seen it so many times and it's awful. A screen that size should never be higher than eye level from the sitting position OR raised half its height at most, again above your line of viewing while sitting comfortably.

  • Brenda Webster Brenda Webster on Mar 05, 2015
    What a lovely fireplace! To the right of the fireplace (facing it, of course), I would place three tall vases or baskets, of varying heights, in a dark color, and fill them with plumes (feathers, fern, etc.). Then surround them with smaller, dark containers of house plants. I would also place one of the vases/baskets to hide the wires. And, I've seen large "frames" for TV's to make them look like "art".

  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on Aug 21, 2015
    Why not get a low corner unit for the right of the fireplace and put the tv there, then the possibilities for decorating your mantel are endless!

  • Andrea Careless Andrea Careless on Sep 07, 2016
    Yes, I would agree about moving the TV.