Asked on Dec 21, 2012

LG wild cherry pedistals, can they be painted

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I am known as "The Painted Lady" in my shop, so I probably should know the answer to this question...HOWEVER, I'd still like to poll you very talented folks out there in cyberland and see what you say. A little history, I purchased 2 clearanced pedistals for the LG front load washer/dryer at Sears...they were $312 reduced to $62, so you can see why I couldn't pass them up. AND we were looking at the LG cherry red units, so it was a huge savings. I"m not not sure we will splurge and get the cherry red units, so IF I were to go with another color, could I paint these pedistals? I know there must be factory paint or appliance paint available somewhere, has anyone done this successfully? any suggestions/thoughts?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 21, 2012

    You can pretty much paint anything...the key however to a durable and long lasting finish is proper prep and the proper use of the appropriate paint. Factory paint jobs are often applied dry via electro-means and then "baked" on. This is the very best in durability. As a DIY project some light sanding and some applicane enamel should get you where you need to go. not much a fan of RED many others...which is proaably why you got such a deal.

  • Z
    on Dec 22, 2012

    @The Robin's Nest Wow Rhonda, that's an awesome deal you got. But then you always find great deals! LOL I'm glad to see you've popped over here though. Wish you'd stop by more often. We need to find a time to chat too. I just signed on to Yahoo if you happen to be around..... Just sayin'.... :^D Anyway about your question.....when I was living in Boulder, CO with my brother my folks bought us a portable dishwasher in harvest gold to go with my brothers appliances. When I married and we bought our first home hubby and I got the dw since my brother didn't need it any longer. Our appliances were almond. Not knowing any better I bought some plain spray paint in almond and painted it. I doubt I even sanded it first. We used it for two years rolling it from the dining room to the kitchen sink daily with out a scratch. Then it was wrapped in a blanket and put in storage for the year hubby, the kids and I spent in Aurora, CO while he learned bio med in the Army. We got it out of storage and used it for ten months again before we moved to TX. Hubby found a house to buy with a built in dw so it went back to my brother who then was in need a dw. Not sure how it lasted through my brother's use, but when he got it there were no scratches. In your case, I recommend using a primer to help hide the red before painting it white. If it were me even if I bought white appliances I'd leave them red and add some red elsewhere in the laundry room. Unlike Kevin, I love red!

  • Z
    on Dec 22, 2012

    Oh and you need to put that pretty logo, LMHO, as your profile picture.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Dec 24, 2012

    Another good reason to use primer is that the finish you are going over is ultra-hard. A thorough sand sponging and cleaning should be done first. SW paint stores sells a primer that sticks to anything call X-I-M. As with any spray can, applying multiple thin coats will decrease the chance of getting runs. Best, Charles

  • Tcs
    on Dec 28, 2015

    To get the cherry red finish you're looking for you may want to consider taking it to an auto body shop. They are reasonable in pricing for this kind of project and you'll get that shines finish you want

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