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I just want to know if anyone knows how to put liamate flooring on stairs
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  • ok, what type of laminate flooring - vinyl tiles, wood, rolled vinyl, or... what are you using for the riser? Is it safe to assume these are wood treads in good condition? In general you remove everything down to bare wood & do any filling or patching you need to Make sure steps are really clean - no staples, drywall mud, dust vacuumed up, etc... cut pieces to fit treads - dry fit apply glue install pieces - pushing down or rolling to assure good adhesion (in some cases you need to leave weight on top to help hold down) install nosing trim to protect laminate & avoid tripping issue (type depends on material selected) Possibly add trim to sides & install back risers

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 22, 2012

    I find the nosing to be the biggest problem with stairs. It can see some serious wear and tear. One reason solid stair treads work well is they are "one piece" and the nosing can not get knocked off. I just spent the last couple days working on some flooring an stair refinishing for a client. In this case the treads are solid Walnut...and have been returned to their original glory

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  • Renovation by Design
    on Dec 23, 2012

    I always try to shy away from laminate wood on stairs. If you buy the proper nosing so that it lasts it can get expensive. I would do unfinished solid oak and stain to match. Or like kms said, solid treads.

  • Many laminate suppliers make nose trim that is fastened to the stair. However you must cut off the front of the rounded nose currently on the step for this to be properly supported. If you do this wrong the new nose trim can roll over the edge and fail. Personally If I was to put laminate on my steps, I would then install a water fall runner down the center. This does two things. 1 it makes is more likely that the nose of the stair will not be damaged should someone run up and down the stairs putting a lot of weight right on the nose of the tread. the Main reason however is that laminate tends to be quite slippery. If any dampness or water gets on the steps someone could quickly slip. In any case be sure to purchase the complete install materials that are offered for the stairs. The nose trim and the riser is very critical component and it must be installed properly for the stair to look and work correctly. If you decide to move ahead on this, be sure to take photos of the project and share then with everyone here!

  • LandlightS
    on Dec 25, 2012

    Laminate flooring is a "floating floor" and is NOT intended for use on stairs. As the final finish or top coat is melamine with aluminum oxide particles, it is a very slick finish (although very durable) and would be unsafe on stairs. Additionally, a stair tread is not big enough to assure proper floating of the floor and gluing it in place will void the warranty. City Wide is correct in recommending a unfinished oak tread stained to match.

  • Vicky Crone
    on Dec 26, 2012

    thanks but l think im goning to paint them

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