A Green Christmas

No waste on Christmas morning! We use the same boxes each year and assign each person a ribbon color. Once the gifts are opened, the boxes are stacked into one another with the ribbons rolled into the smallest box and put away until next year. The money (& time not wrapping) we save each year allows for other indulgences and the environment doesn't suffer.

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  • Linda Thompson Linda Thompson on Dec 15, 2014
    We used gift bags. that way we could use them the next year, no wasted Christmas wrap.
  • RoseMary Wells RoseMary Wells on Feb 08, 2015
    When we moved to Atlanta 42 years ago, I found three Victorian Easter baskets at a flea market. They're BIG, with a big, high handle (big enough to hold a stuffed bunny or chick, chocolate rabbit or eggs, etc, and then to take outside hunting for the dozens we had dyed before Easter)! I bought all three for next to nothing and used them for my two children (not born at the time). We used them each year the entire time they were growing up, redecorated each year according to their ages. Now I'm going through old things stashed away all over the house - I need to send the baskets to them to use for their children! I don't like the dinky plastic ones being used these days. I, too, had a few real baskets over the years I got Easter baskets, and they were always real baskets, and reused as Easter baskets or for other purposes. Loved them, and still have some in my home.
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