One Pretty Little Plant Stand

I found a dirty old wooden plant stand on a hay wagon on a rainy day recently. It looked so sad sitting there with all the other "stuff" that I was grabbing to take home with me that I just had to take it too.
A little sanding and some paint, a fresh face and wow! Here's how I did it.
It is a nice sturdy stand. Had one small crack in a leg but, a little glue and a nail and it is all better now. Sanded the entire piece. Sorry, forgot to get pics of it bad.
The top of the stand had a few cracks in it too. Again, Elmer's Wood glue to the rescue! Then it got sanded and primed.
Next I took off the top of the stand. Found some really pretty floral pages, cut them up so I could arrange them on the surface.
I think they turned out nice! Added lots of poly since it WILL get wet with it holding flower pots. Gave the whole top section a good coating of Minwax Poly in a semi gloss finish. Next was to put the two pieces back together, balance it out since it was a tad wobbly and see if I like it.
Yeah, I like it. Turned out just like I hoped it would.
Actually, it turned out better than I hoped it would!! Am a happy camper and it looks GREAT in my window holding my plants! Here it is with my Geranium.
Ok, a smaller plant with a smaller dish.
Yeah, I'm happy now. Looks much better. So, what do you think?

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