Asked on Dec 27, 2012

I have a Marco wood burning fire place(original to house 1980) Bottom vent lets in A LOT OF COLD AIR! How do I fix?

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There isn't any obvious way to close off vent,and if I seal off vent, air will come in thru firebox( w/damper closed) I don't have any covering over firebox. Right now I cover the whole opening w/plastic, but would like a better solution.
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  • You have a heatilator type of firebox. I assume you also have outside air intake vents located in the area of the firebox on the outside of the home. These can be sealed off, however once that happens you loose the ability to bring in outside air when your using the fireplace. Making it less efficient to operate. Some fireplace models offer a sliding handle located directly near the bottom of the firebox just inside the spark screen if this unit has one. It also may be on the sides. Air entering into the bottom area below the firebox area is caused by air leakage coming down from above in the chimney chase area. This needs to be looked at as this is a sign that fire blocking made of metal is missing. If you can take a photo of the fireplace a few up close and just a bit further away, We can offer some other ideas on why and how to correct it.

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