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Easy DIY Hanging Closet Rod

I only had one clothes closet in my NYC studio apartment so I needed to maximize every inch of space in there. To double my hanging space, I made a simple hanging rod that's inexpensive, only took minutes to make and is easy to customize to whatever closet you have!
You can get everything you need at the hardware store and here's what I used to make mine: 1 hardwood dowel (1 1/4” diameter), 4-8 eye screws, chain (2 lengths of ~ 3.5 ft long), 4 chain links, s-hooks
You cut the dowel to the length that you need (you can also have that done at the hardware store), and put in the eye screws.
You use the chain links to tie the chain to the existing closet rod and to the wood dowel.
You can use the hanging rod to hang clothes of course, but I used mine to store bags & purses and my long boots using pant or skirt hangers (to protect soft leather, pad the clips with foam or cardboard).
To see a video of how I made the closet rod extension, you can watch this video of another closet makeover I did - just fast forward to 4:23 min to see it.
In this video, you can see other ways I maximized storage and organized my 450 ft2 NYC studio to make it a functional and happy place to live and work!

To see more: http://www.engineeryourspace.com/diy-double-hang-coset-rod/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Feb 26, 2015

    Very nice! This would probably make keeping your closet organized a bajillion times easier!

    • Engineer Your Space
      Engineer Your Space
      on Feb 26, 2015

      @Hannah V It really does make it a lot easier to stay organized and it's great to not have your long boots flip flopping all over the floor too!

  • Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio
    Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio Newton, IA
    on Feb 26, 2015

    ...Nice idea for making your closet better ! ... and I have used the skirt hangers ( for many years) for my boots, and I use little ' foam type' blocks ( that dry cleaner use ) to not damage the leather or suede ..or whatever your boots are made of. :)

  • Gloria Traylor
    Gloria Traylor Brandon, MS
    on Feb 27, 2015

    You can save a couple of bucks by using an old wooden broom handle instead of buying a dowel. Just cut the broom end off! I use them up in my attic for hanging clothes, artificial Christmas tree limbs and decorations.

  • Debi S
    Debi S Killeen, TX
    on Feb 27, 2015

    Great for any closet. Quick, easy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gina
    Gina Pomona, CA
    on Feb 27, 2015

    We did something similar in my sons closet and built one side with shelves for Toys

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