Homemade Shamrock Soap

Things are becoming more and more green around our house. With St. Patrick’s Day nearing, it only seemed right to make some Homemade Shamrock Soap!
This year I have been trying to incorporate more homemade products in my life. The thing behind “homemade” is that you know exactly what is being put into the product you are using. When it comes to soap, you can control the additives so you can ensure your skin is receiving only the best. With a few supplies and some fun silicone molds you can make your own homemade soap your skin will love!
Ready to make some? Check out the tutorial below!
Homemade Shamrock Soap
Supplies Needed:
Wilton Shamrock Silicone Mold
Clear Glycerin Soap Base or White Glycerin Soap Base (clear will have a transparent-like appearance and white will have a deeper color)
Matte Woodland Green Soap Color Bar
Oak Moss & Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
Plastic Transfer Pipette
Microwave Safe Measuring Cup or Bowl
Spray Bottle (found at the Dollar Store)
91% Isopropyl Alcohol
Pennies (for embedding in soap if you want)
Cut your soap base into cubes and place into your microwave safe measuring cup or bowl.
Place your container into the microwave on high for 30 second increments. Stir in between each cooking session until the soap is completely melted (should take about a minute total). Be careful not too overheat the soap as it can burn.
Add your soap colorant. You can add little slices of the color block, stir, and repeat until you reach your desired shade of green.
Using your plastic transfer pipette, place a few drops of your fragrance oil into the melted soap base. Stir well.
Pour your melted soap into your soap mold until each cavity is completely filled. Note: If you want to place pennies into the soap you will want to put one penny into the bottom of each cavity and pour your soap on top of it.
You will notice little air bubbles on the top of your soap.
Spray the top of your soap with a few short bursts of the isopropyl alcohol. This will remove any air bubbles on the surface of the soap.
Allow the soap to harden for 1-2 hours.
Remove the soap from the mold by gently pressing from the back to release the soap. It should pop out easily.
Individually wrap your soap in clear plastic wrap. Glycerin soap must be kept covered until it is ready to be used.
Enjoy your Homemade Shamrock Soap that looks neat and smells amazing!

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  • Virginia Long
    Virginia Long
    on Jul 12, 2018

    Have you ever used goat's milk if so can you share that recipe

    • Carey
      on Jun 13, 2019

      Like Mary Sutherland, I remember my Mom making her soap for the wash in our basement. She didn't add fragrances, but the soap once cooled (also made with Lye & Lard!) she cut it into bars and then we would sit and grate it to use in the wash. It certainly got the clothes clean too! We had an old Norge Wringer washer and I remember once when I was bout 3-4 years old, Mom had taken a load of wash out to hang on the line and I thought that I would 'Help' her. I climbed up on a chair and as I was putting the clothes into the wringer, I got my little fingers caught in the wringer and before I knew it- my arm had gone into the wringer. Mom came in the door just as it was getting to my shoulder. She ran over, hit the release, turned it off and I was free. I was not hurt at all, but I later learned the reason that she was so upset. Another child had done the same thing, but was not as fortunate as I was and lost his arm as a result.

      She then taught me HOW to put the clothes into the wringer, so that I was not putting myself in danger. She was a wise Mom!

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