What is better, making your own chalk paint or purchasing it?

My friend told me we could make our own chalk paint. Is it as good as store bought paint?
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  • Linda J Linda J on Mar 01, 2015
    Yep. It sure is. Mommy is Coo Coo has five different recipes. I use them all the time. My favorite is calcium citrate and paint. Go to the site and sign up then you can get them all. Lots of recipes out there but I have tried at least 15 or so and I find these recipes are all I need. Good luck.
  • Becky Becky on Mar 01, 2015
    Home made is just as good as store bought as long as you mix well. The added bonus is that you can have ANY color you want! I use the plaster of paris recipe and have had nothing but success with it.
  • R Walter R Walter on Mar 01, 2015
    I use the POP recipe with a cup of paint (testers at SW) and 1/4 cup of the plaster of paris to a little bit of water to mix then add to paint. Use smaller amounts if you don't want to mix a full cup of the paint but be careful with the amount of water used to mix. It can thin the paint to make it runny but it still works (ask me why duh) just takes a lot more coats.
  • Danielle Danielle on Mar 01, 2015
    I had wondered the same thing, and then I found this great blog post that really helped. Here's the link: http://salvagedinspirations.com/best-homemade-chalk-paint-recipes/
  • Sandy Yendall Sandy Yendall on Mar 01, 2015
    I have made my own chalk paint, and it really is nice to work with. 1 cup of paint, 3 tbls of plaster of paris, and 1 tbls of water. Stir to the consistency of mashed potatoes. It usually covers in one coat, and no sanding before needed.
  • Tina Pucilowski Tina Pucilowski on Mar 02, 2015
    I just bought Calcium Carbonate on E-Bay 10 lbs. for $15.00 Dollars. I think this is the way to go when the name brand is $45 on a quart. Just look it up BEST Homemade Chalk Paint Recipes and you can find more ways to make it for a lot less. Look for SalvagedlnspirationS.com she will have more info for you. Good Luck. Calcium Carbonate 2 parts paint 1 part Calcium Carbonate this is what she said, (dried within 30 minutes, AND left me with a perfect chalky finish.)
  • Diane Read Diane Read on Mar 04, 2015
    I have done both.
  • Bushra Bushra on Feb 04, 2021

    Yes, you can and it is as good as store bought.

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