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Lamp to Memo Chalkboard

I received a thrift store lamp and basket in the mail from one of my favorite blogger friends as part of a Flea Market Swap with several other bloggers. Our challenge was to make over the items we received into something fabulous! I got pretty lucky with my items. Today I'm sharing what I did with the lamp. I paired it with a thrift store frame I already had to create something completely new:
Pretty cool, right? Here's what the lamp used to look like:
Goldalicious! and the frame...
Pretty much as soon as I saw the lamp, I knew I wanted to repurpose it into something completely new. I cut off the cord and removed the lamp parts almost right away. Then it sat there for several days until the threaded tip gave me an idea.
That's when I went searching in my stash for a frame. This one was perfect since it's pretty thick. I drilled a hole using a 3/4" drill bit.
Then I spray painted both pieces and added a piece of chalkboard to the frame. The frame screwed right onto the threaded end of the lamp! Perfect!
This is perfect to put right by the phone to take messages! You can see more at the link below as well as what I did with the basket I got!

To see more: http://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/lamp-to-memo-chalkboard/

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