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The Hacking of a Large White Pine

Driving around Atlanta, I can't help but notice the "handiwork" of countless "tree workers" that roam the streets preying on unsuspecting homeowners. Alas, another case. The white pine literally weeps from the "pruning" it suffered - a canopy elevation gone horribly wrong. Whatever "company" performed this operation should stop in every six months so they can quote the entire tree removal as it will likely be dead in the near future.
Large white pine - hacked (to death)
Large white pine - hacked (to death)

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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 4, 2013

    Terrible to see that done to a tree. And Sharron, yes, definitely no sealer.

  • Rita Wozniak
    on Jan 7, 2015

    perhaps some one taking the ROZon (TREE SAP) that it produces when it get wounded.. shame someone would put serious cuts on a big tree like this.. and pine wood burns so fast.. not a good burning wood for the fireplace.. unless they want it for its straight grain and for wood flooring ect after it is dried.. and cured.. someone has another motive seems to me..

    • Angel
      on Jan 19, 2016

      @Rita Wozniak Maybe just an idiot who shouldn't be doing jobs they don't know or care how to do properly.

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