Asked on Jan 3, 2013

rooting overgrown plant

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I have a lovely peace lilly-like plant that's overgrown pot. I was told to use root start after clipping but can't find a root start product. any diy solutions? I want to save it as it's a special 'friend' I purchased in Ga mountains and it survived the winters and moves!
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 4, 2013

    OMG, if your plant is pot-bound, the solution is to divide it. If you attempt to propagate by cuttings, you will still have a pot-bound plant. Take the plant out of the pot and take a good look at the root ball and look for natural ways to pull it apart it into two or three sections. You can pot up each of these as a new plant. If you can't pull it apart, don't be afraid to take a knife to it: I've divided hostas with a saw. Pot in a good potting mix, maintaining the planting depth of the original plant. Don't fertilize until the plant gets established in its new home and you see signs of producing new foliage.

  • Glade Interiors
    on Jan 4, 2013

    Thanks Douglas! The problem is the shoots are all too tall and the pot is already as heavy and deep as any I'd find. Hence, cutting them shorter...but will also pull apart and create several. Back to cutting and rooting??:)...

  • Gayle Griffin
    on Jan 4, 2013

    Try making your own Willow Water! It's a natural rooting hormone.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 5, 2013

    Perhaps you could post a photo, OMG. I can't really envision the too-tall-shoots situation.

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