Furniture Re-Do Ideas

A few things about us / what I'm looking for --
1) I'm not the most handy. Okay, fine. I'm not handy at all. ;-) I'd like to change that, however.
2) My husband is deployed overseas, so manly help isn't an option right now.
3) I've never so much as held a paintbrush, so verrry simple projects & ideas are welcomed.
This is my first "learner" piece. It's a very inexpensive laminate-type piece I bought at Target years ago. I want to try it more for technique than for anything else.
I'm in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed paint effects. I'd love something like that, with wear spots. I'm not about brand new or matchy-matchy.
Our decorating style would best be described as vintage-rustic, I suppose. We love old things, but place the most value on items that are sentimental (i.e., passed down within the family as opposed to priceless & delicate antiques). We like to live in our home, if that makes sense. :-)
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