DIY Litter Box Furniture Cabinet

Couldn't stand looking at the litter box while doing laundry, plus wanted to contain the litter and smells. So, built this cabinet and hacked it to create a special litter box cabinet for our cats.
  • diy litter box furniture cabinet, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, organizing, pets animals, repurposing upcycling
The laundry room before. Some of the items just needed to be purged or put away in their proper places.
  • diy litter box furniture cabinet, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, organizing, pets animals, repurposing upcycling
Cabinet from Home Depot. Found this base cabinet in their closet organization section.
  • diy litter box furniture cabinet, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, organizing, pets animals, repurposing upcycling
Cutting a hole in the side of the cabinet. Used my craftsman battery powered handheld saw tool.
  • diy litter box furniture cabinet, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, organizing, pets animals, repurposing upcycling
Litter box fits inside, plus room for food and accessories as well.
  • diy litter box furniture cabinet, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, organizing, pets animals, repurposing upcycling
Great way to store food and snacks for the cats, while keeping the litter box closed off and out of sight!

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      • Agreed, I doubt my cats would like this. Plus, they need enough space to step in without stepping directly into the box. Would probably work for kittens who weren't used to a regular box out in the open, though.
      • You could either cut a hole in the top shelf or move it out completely.
        ShirleyShirley Hermitage, MO · answered Nov 24, 2016
      • Could take out top shelve, store litter & dry cat food on top. Great idea!
      • Yup that top shelf would have to go.
      • If I were your cat, I would not like the fact you stored my FOOD in an outhouse. Would you eat cereal that was stored next to your toilet?
      • Fabre with you!
      • They are closed cans. Cats just dont want open food and water by litter

      • I did something similar and lined the inside of the cabinet with contact paper. It cleans easily if any splashes happen.
      • Also place mats that you can take out wash and put back in.

      • If you look closely in the picture of the cabinet packaging you can see it looks like it's 24x18x34.5

      • We did this. I just took the biggest bin I could find and cut a hole in the side. My cats love it.
      • We have 4 cats, one of which is having joint issues. I use an underbed storage chest (wihout the top, of course) for a litter box. The sides are not as tall as a usual litter box, so easier for our arthritic cat. It wouldn't fit in this cabinet, but I thought I'd pass it on. I love this cabinet idea!! Great job.
      • Reply to ; Lynn's Sloan ... I ; too had an arthritic. Cat & got a GREAT MEDICINE for her (which definitely helped her extend her 20 1/2 yr beautiful life her on this earth ) it's called DASUQUIN (advance ) 1sprikled capsule on her food daily TREMENDOUSLY HELPED HER w/ painful joint /stiffness Immediately... Good luck . Hope this helps others as well ! .... T. Bryan
      • I don't know about giving it to cats but..... I had a dog that was very arthritic. Glucosamine works wonders!! He went from no activity and wining when getting up or down to a dog that was years younger (in activity level). The amount is by weight so it would take very little for a cat. I cave a large dog 1000mg. I don't know if giving it to cats is safe and effective. You'd have to do research on that.

        Sorry Kimberly.... didn't mean to take over your post with a different topic. Great idea!!
        KellyKelly Kennewick, WA · answered May 17, 2017
      • One of my cats has an issue with covered pans so I bought the largest plastic container I could find at Walmart, ( didn't use the top), my son cut one end down to only about 6 inches high. I was able to find a cheap litter pan that fits inside this at the end that is not cut down. This has helped so much with litter outside the pan! My daughter liked it so much that she had him make her one too.
      • I get a big plastic tote and put an under the bed tote inside of it that way if there is any spillage it is contained in the larger tote. You can either cut a hole on the side or on the end. I drew a large circle then heated the area with hair dryer, it softens to the plastic so it's easy to cut with an utility knife.

      • Did this for my cats - both to prevent our Lab-mix from "sampling the buffet" & to see if it would contain the cats enthusiastic "cover-up / over-spill" !! Used largest Rubbermaid tote I could find; my brother cut a 12" diameter hole in lid. At 1st cats used it just fine, then they'd both get in together & fights would ensue. Now I leave lid off & cats sail over the edge.... no more buffet, no more tracked litter ! I use World's Best cat litter, it's in the bathroom, and I keep up with emptying as I'm in there anyways!
      • I have a small closet under the stairs. I put easy to clean peel and stick tile down and lined with cedar. Not perfect but away from everything else and clean daily. Also put air freshener in there as well.
      • Never use air freshener. Cats sense of smell is 14 x stronger than ours and fresheners, especially citrus one, stress them out to the point they may not want to go near their box. Just saying..
      • I bought a self cleaning litter box from Chewy. I love it. Scoops the waste into a compartment 20 min after the cat uses it. Every 2 weeks remove the litter cartridge, put on the lid and throw away and put in a new cartridge. Never been so easy to change litter.

        MarilynMarilyn Illinois City, IL · answered Mar 20, 2018
      • Which brand did you buy and how much was it? I'm also curious as to how the cats deal with it.

      • Most cats do not like any type of "freshener" smell that we might enjoy. Their sense of smell is way greater than ours! Many cats will not use enclosed cat box areas such as this for that very reason...out of site, out of mind...then they dont get scooped and PRESTO! The cat is peeing everywhere and off to the shelter it goes.
        TerriTerri Lake Mills, WI · answered Mar 27, 2017
      • You can also use charcoal, can be purchased from pet stores, charcoal filters can also be used. Odorless, cats never notice. You can also use the filters that come with litter boxes. Inexpensive and odorless too.
      • We just took a door off our cabinet in our utility room under the sink. Cleaning frequently eliminates odor.
      • There is no room for the cat! No cat could fit in that space, get in that box and do their business. And, also, cats do not like their food near their box. Bad idea. Put a cat door on the door leading into your garage if you are able to. Then, put your cat boxes at the end of the garage as far away from the house as possible.
      • My cat is 32 lbs.....this is not even a solution for me....I am just stuck with XL tub I cut a U shape in and a tray to fit inside with plastic liners.....can't let him just go outside, as he scares the neighbors dogs....
        Tami WahlTami Wahl Henderson, NV · answered Aug 04, 2017
      • Regarding litter box in garage, if cats are indoor only, you risk them getting out whenever you use the automatic door opener when coming or going. Plus, you don't know if your cat is hiding in the engine or behind the car. You risk running it over. Not a good idea.
      • Its really simple folks.... scoop several times a day if soiled, change litter and clean whole box more often. Cats don't like dirty smelly boxes any more than we like dirty smelly toilets.
      • Whose got time to scoop several times a day? Not me! We bought a cat toilet, works great and it automatically cleans, flushes, and drys the box every time it is used! We love it, no smell at all!
      • And with the cat toilet they are not breathing dust. Expensive? Cut out some frivolities. You'd be surprised at how.much you can save for another one of your kids
      • I love my self cleaning box. Just put on the lid and throw away the cartridge and put in a new one. Chewy auto delivers cartridge once a month..

        MarilynMarilyn Illinois City, IL · answered Mar 20, 2018
      • Which do you have, as there are several on the market?

        KarinaKarina Davenport, IA · answered May 31, 2018
      • Where did you find a flushing cat toilet? I would love to just see a commercial about one of those.

        StaceyStacey Douglasville, GA · answered Jul 08, 2018

      • Clean debris daily, change litter weekly = no odor
        Cate WoodCate Wood Orchard Park, NY · answered Jan 11, 2018
      • Every time I feel "inconvenienced" by having to scoop my 2 litter boxes (upstairs & downstairs), I think of the whole concept - yes, also considering their keen sense of smell - that I wouldn't want to re-use my toilet again and again, without flushing it. The least we can do for these little guys who give so selflessly to US, is to take care of THEM as they deserve.

        I've seen similar ideas to this cabinet, and they're good... IF you have the space, and if your cats will use it. As to the cats "not using it, & going all over the house, so off to the shelter with them..." I'd say off to the shelter with YOU! It's not their fault you've created an untenable situation for them, it's yours; their only choice is to go where they CAN. Have some sensitivity!!