Asked on Jan 7, 2013

Proper Size for Chandelier

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I want to add a statement chandelier to a room that measures 17' x 21' with 9.5' ceilings. What size chandelier should I use that won't look too dinky nor be overwhelming? The chandelier will not hang above a table - it will just be hanging in the middle of the room. I plan to hang it so that the bottom of the chandelier is 6.5' to 7' off of the floor, unless one of you advises otherwise. Thank you in advance for your help!
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  • The size would depend upon the style and amount of light your looking to achieve. Some smaller fixtures do really well in large rooms and some are simply lost. Do you want the light to become a focal point or simply blend into the decor and not be noticed. What type of look are you going for in the room and rooms that surround this room. What kind of room is it? Office, den, sitting room, library, you get the picture. All would have different types and styles and all come with all sorts of sizes. Perhaps a photo or two of the room at different angels so folks can perhaps provide you with some ideas. For me, the bulb in my head is burnt out on this one.

  • The height of the fixture will be dependent upon the shape. If it is not a tall fixture, hanging it too low will make it appear as if it is floating in the middle of the space . . . especially if there is nothing underneath it for visual reference. Also, be aware of the safety hazard for tall guests. Low lights work OK over a dining room table because no one will be walking directly underneath it. When it is not in a traffic pattern, it never feels like a low flying object in your way. Please offer photos of the room and the fixture. Another way to make a light fixture appear more prominent and not just "floating" from the ceiling is to create the illusion that it is even larger. This can be done by simply adding a ceiling medallion. There are many other ways to give the illusion that a flat ceiling has more dimension, detail and interest but I would need to see a photo of the space to offer specific ideas.

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