Asked on Jan 8, 2013

mysterious moving door hinge

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What could be causing the lowest door hinge pin to keep climbing out of the hinge? The hinge is on the outswing French doors between our family room/office leading to the deck. Only the bottom hinge pin is doing this. We drive it in and it climbs out.
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  • HomeSpot HQ
    on Jan 8, 2013

    The pin is probably loose from wear over time and wiggling its way out. I can't think of a good solutions, but there are a couple patch fix ideas. One idea would be to put a small screw just above it into the wood to hold it down. But this might be unsightly. Another idea would be to remove the pin, put a very slight bend in it with a hammer, and then reinsert it. The bend would keep it tight against the edges. Not the best fixes.

  • Kelly S
    on Jan 8, 2013

    @Tyler Golberg, thanks for the tips. The doors are only 7 years old and it is only the bottom one. It gets out every week.

  • Bend it like Tyler said. That will fix it for good.

  • Kelly S
    on Jan 13, 2013

    Why is it doing this? None of our other doors are acting this way.

  • This normally happens if the hinge is slightly out of square from the rest and as the door opens and closes it twists it screwing it out of the barrel. . Or a poltergeist has effected it.

  • Kelly S
    on Jan 14, 2013

    Unscrewing itself makes sense but so does a poltergeist, this development was a hog farm about 20 years ago. yum yum I can hear bacon calling my name.

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