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I would like advice and information on what types and brands of paint sprayers you home talkers recommend. I had a Wagner (bought in the 80's) and won't buy another one! But I hear good things about one called Home Right. I want to paint a dining table and chairs with chalk paint and need one that will allow me to spray that type of paint, plus regular paint. The chairs are spindle back so it would be lots of tedious work with a brush!
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  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Mar 16, 2015
    Homeright is a good brand. Just be sure to thin your paint. Also, practice with other random pieces of scrap wood first. For latex, thin it and strain it well. And the most important info I can give you is be sure you break it all down and clean it properly. Meaning, the needle inside that the paint goes through, clean, clean, clean it some more. Be sure that you have your drain plugged just in case you drop it too. Also, if you need to take a break painting, purchase extra cups, so you can flush the sprayer with water for a break. Hope this was helpful.

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    • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Mar 16, 2015
      Your best bet is to call them and they will know best which one will work for you.

  • Charles Myers Charles Myers on Mar 16, 2015
    I like graco airless paint sprayers. They range from professional models to diy, all of them I have used are proficient for both paint and finishes without watering the paint down.

    • Cherie Cherie on Mar 16, 2015
      @Charles Myers Thank you! I looked these up and they seem to be a little more expensive than I was looking for. I'm just going to use it for small odds and ends jobs. But I will keep these in mind! Thanks again!

  • Denise Hardy Denise Hardy on Mar 17, 2015
    Hi - personally I would not use a paint sprayer unless you can use one like a pro - I think you stand more chance of not having a 'too good a finish' - I painted a table and chairs and put my own take on my French Antique Style and I did it all with a brush using Zinsser Bin 123 Primer - 2 coats and then a Quick Drying Eggshell in Magnolia - 2 coats and then waxed it with Antique Pine 'Bri-Wax and it came up looking great - well I think so anyway - lol - have a look to see what you think at the photos below. I think if you did do it with a brush you would be really pleased with it :) Anyway, whatever way you choose good luck :) Click on one and then the pictures will come up larger. Hope you like them :) This was in a Villa in Spain

    • Cherie Cherie on Mar 17, 2015
      @Denise Hardy I have used a paint sprayer many times but not recently, my ex was a body man and I used his a bunch of times on other things but it was a "pro" Binks gun. And like I said, I didn't like the Wagner I bought. I wouldn't want to use a brush on my chairs as they have about 8 slats running up and down the backs and there are 6 of them, plus a 4x4 pub table. If I weren't so old I might try it but they might not turn out good like yours did! You did a great job!!! It looks so much brighter and nicer painted! Thanks!

  • 117135 117135 on Mar 17, 2015
    I use the HomeRight Finish Max pro. This is a good sprayer to use for small projects around your house. I use it to spray on chalk based paints and have no problems. It comes with a viscosity cup that allows to you know how much to dilute the paint. I agree about not wanting to hand paint all of those spindles. The key is making sure you clean out the sprayer once you are done that way it does not clog. It is easy to clean up as well.

    • Cherie Cherie on Mar 18, 2015
      @DeDe @ Designed Decor Although I didn't get many answers, I did get you and another recommending HomeRight so that's what I'm going to go with! I'll post my project (pub dining table w/6 chairs) when it's finished! Thank you so much for answering!