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Recycled Denim Pocket Hoop Art

We're heavy into spring cleaning right now, and that includes sorting clothes that are past it and deciding what to do with them. I came across a pair of my husband's jeans that were worn out beyond anything wearable, but there was enough good denim left that I knew I needed to use it!
With a simple embroidery hoop, a bit of paint, and a pair of scissors, I created this fun Recycled Denim Pocket Hoop Art!
I just did a quick, fairly dry-brushing paint job on the embroidery hoop.
I then cut out one of the back pockets on the jeans, making sure I left enough fabric to cover the hoop.
I simply popped the pocket in the hoop at a jaunty angle (yes, jaunty!) and tightened it up. I finished by trimming up the excess fabric.
This was such a super-easy project and I'm going to get a ton of use out of it! for now, it's perfect for some spring color! And yes, I will be using more denim from this pair of jeans. Can't let good denim go to waste!

To see more: http://albiongould.com/recycled-denim-pocket-hoop-art/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Mar 17, 2015


  • Judy Holtgrewe Bailey
    Judy Holtgrewe Bailey Middleville, MI
    on Mar 17, 2015

    I need to have paper & pencil in each room of the house. What a clever "handy" decoration.

  • Shari Jamieson
    Shari Jamieson Jamestown, NY
    on Mar 18, 2015

    Simply cute!

  • Christine
    Christine Cassville, GA
    on Mar 18, 2015

    Thanks! I am going to make this. You've inspired me to try a couple different , yet similar, with the back pocket piece!! I've used the legs on jeans to make a plastic bag holder, a clothes pin bag that hangs on the line. The possibilities are endless!

  • Nancy J
    Nancy J Freedom, PA
    on Mar 18, 2015

    Christine, could you post a pic of your clothes pin bag? I need a new one and would love to just make one

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