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My sister came home for a visit last summer. She lives in Alaska where she eats fresh muskox, sunbathes nude, doesn't wear deodorant, and doesn't shave.
Perhaps you really are what you eat.
Not my actual sister.
She's extremely opinionated (she would argue this description and say that she's simply right...about everything).
Her latest crusade is to rid all households of every ounce of aluminum. "THOSE POTS ARE MADE OF ALUMINUM! Don't use them unless you want to get ALZHEIMER'S!"
I replied, "Who are you and how did you get past my security trolls?!? Don't eat my dog!!!"
I have an old set of pots (Phil bought them a long time ago--a very nice set) that are aluminum. Gina freaked out.
So like a good little sheeple, I followed her to Costco where I bought a beautiful, shiny new set of stainless steel pots and pans. They really are lovely.
I got home, ready to purge the offending aluminum, when I re-read the bottom of the pots. WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM (Plus Stainless Inner-Clad)..... Oops.
And made in the USA. Yeah, like I'm going to get rid of those.
Needless to say I still kept my new set.
But now I need somewhere to put all this crap. Because my pantry is still the dumping ground.
My husband is a dang genius and designed a pot rack for my new toys. We acquired some FREE rough-sawn cedar from our neighbor. He measured and cut the frame, and using his Kreg pocket screw Jig, drilled the pocket holes for the screws to connect the pieces.
We bought 3/4" copper pipe, elbows, threaded fittings, and cast iron floor flanges to attach them to the frame. Philly (my hubby) soldered the fittings to the elbows, inserted the fittings into the flanges, then screwed them to the frame.
Don't hate me because I've got 2 inches on the window frame.
(The crossbars are not soldered to the elbows, allowing hooks to be added or subtracted at a later date.)
The overall look was great.
But something vital was missing. Oh...there it is! This is a pot farm, after all.
I printed and cut out my letters, tacked them to my board, then traced them. Phil played with his router, then I filled the letters in with antique copper metallic craft paint.
I was initially going to add a marijuana leaf to the sign, but Phil was mortified.
"We're going to have neighbors over and they're going to think we smoke pot!"
Me: "What neighbors? We have no friends. No one is coming over. Even if they do, do you suppose they have no sense of humor (like you)? Besides, it's our damn house and I'll do what I like."
In an attempt to foster an acceptable blood-pressure level, I decided to leave off the leaf.
But just for fun:
**Just to clarify...the new set IS stainless steel. The old set is LINED with stainless steel, so I kept both sets...which is why I needed the pot farm!**
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Delusions of ingenuity
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  • Lynn Dawe Lynn Dawe on Jun 27, 2021

    Too funny! You’re very entertaining. And btw Great idea

  • HeatherAnn Zufelt HeatherAnn Zufelt on Jul 03, 2021

    Not so much a question, just wanted to say how much I loved this!! The entire thing had me giggling and the pot farm made me laugh outright. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Caroline Poli Caroline Poli on Jul 03, 2021

    What did you do with all the kids?


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  • Dolores Clifton Dolores Clifton on Jul 03, 2021

    Looks awesome! 👍 I, too, would turn them around facing the wall. Be sure to use 'Bar Keepers Friend' on your stainless pans & they'll be always look brand new. It's no effort to keep up with after cooking, you'll be amazed, I promise. 👍😁👍

  • Annette Annette on Jul 05, 2021

    Cute Pot Farm! 😊

    I am in love with the size of your pantry. Mine is the size of a coat closet. I need to add a few more shelves to have a little more space for things. I would have so much fun with your pantry.

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