Asked on Mar 18, 2015

DIY natural flea control

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I'm looking for DIY natural flea control for cats and home.
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  • Mary
    on Mar 18, 2015

    borax.its cheap and wont hurt your pets.also you could use citronela oil mixed with cornstarch. Just use 20 drops oil to each cup cornstarch.try using an old spice container to distribute the mixture evenly. I have used this with great success.leave on your rugs for about 1 hour then vac. Leave your pets in a seperate room while you sprinkle the mixture. (Dust) good luck I know this will work for you.

  • Teresa
    on Mar 18, 2015

    To keep cats pest-free, mix some garlic and brewers yeast into their food. You should be able to find these anywhere. We fed this to our dog who was allergic to flea bites. It worked wonders. I've also heard that eucalyptus oil diluted with water and sprayed around the house keeps fleas away... good luck!

    • C
      on Mar 21, 2015

      @Teresa Garlic is safe for dogs, but not cats. Eucalyptus oil isalso not safe to use around cats. I can vouch that nutritional yeast, also called brewers yeast (NOT the baking kind of yeast) sprinkled into food does work to keep fleas away. It takes a few weeks to start working.

  • Sharon Irvin
    Sharon Irvin
    on Mar 18, 2015

    Diamacious earth FOOD GRADE, can rub it on your pet, sprinkle in carpets or around baseboards

  • Metty Design
    Metty Design
    on Mar 19, 2015

    Wash your cat with Dawn dishwashing liquid it will kill all of the fleas on contact, but it doesn't keep them off of your cat.

  • Cathy Godsey
    Cathy Godsey
    on Mar 19, 2015

    Always heard AVON SKIN SO SOFT repells fleas, fishermen in florida dont leave home without it, good for mosquitoes too. I use it on my cat

  • Judistar
    on Mar 19, 2015

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

  • Jean Moore
    Jean Moore
    on Sep 5, 2015

    Always consult your veterinarian before using home remedies.

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