Upright Pallet Raised Beds

Accessible, earth-friendly and cute gardening on a very tight budget: doable? Yes!
The two most important things to accomplishing that goal are time and a willingness to reimagine things. Pallets are, of course, almost ubiquitous in the DIY world - but that is because of just how versatile they are. These raised beds were super easy to make and really dressed up my fence (which is also primarily made of reclaimed materials.)
These pallets are heat treated - something you should keep in mind for any kind of gardening project. Chemically treated pallets have nasty stuff which can leach into the soil and plants, which is no good!
The configuration of these pallets made construction especially easy - with solid fronts and two skids, I just attached the skids to each other via a few screws and turned them on end.
To fill the gap, I took some old bench slats, cut them to size on my miter saw, and screwed them directly to the frame.
After that, fill with soil, add your plants, and voila! I'm thrilled to finally have raspberry canes, and my partner is thrilled that they are securely contained so they won't run all over the place.

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  • Wayne Olson
    Wayne Olson
    on Apr 4, 2015

    Yes I agree with you totally for your circumstances. Having to move things in the winter would tend make using peanuts for fill very helpful. I do my own composting and live in a warm winter climate, so once I build a planting bed, it's usually built for good. But I've never used the red wiggler idea for fertilizer. I'm going to try it though in a couple of containers.

  • Ruth Robison
    Ruth Robison
    on Oct 17, 2017

    Love this, very simple idea I WILL do! Good clear instructions too, I'm in the process of planning my front garden and want quite a minimalistic and modern look, grasses and Scotland survivable planters, which I've been struggling to work out how to make or upcycle something quite high and slim to go along the front wall of my house, I have pallets and also old bed slats which should do the job brilliantly! I have a huge back garden, so want to go for pots etc, artificial grass and a wee 'shelter' to sit out in and enjoy the rain and snow, then enjoy the last of the sun (hopefully!) at the front. I'm over the moon to see a solution for this, thank you!!
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