Asked on Mar 30, 2015

How can I kill dandelions organically?

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I'm looking fo organic ways to kill dandelions in my yard.
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  • Jean culpepper
    Jean culpepper
    on Mar 31, 2015

    make wine or tea

  • Judi
    on Mar 31, 2015

    vinegar,salt and dawn(blue) dish soap. 1 quart,1/2 cup and a good squeeze good squeeze of dawn. Works like a charm, I've used it for years.

  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra
    on Mar 31, 2015

    Will vinegar kill your grass? I have only used it on my non grass area. What I did wrong, was tried the Ortho weed be gone, and didn't read that their are some for certain grass, like St Augustine, like mine, and now it's all dried up now. -(

  • Mysty Wytch
    Mysty Wytch
    on Mar 31, 2015

    @Eddie Davis ...go to pin interest. there is a load of ways to kill them on there....I love "Pin Interest"!!! <3

  • Barbara R
    Barbara R
    on Mar 31, 2015

    Take a digger & dig them out. They have very deep roots, make sure your "fork" goes all the way to the bottom. Best way I found yet!

  • Lindcurt
    on Mar 31, 2015

    Dig them early in the spring as possible. I use a butcher knife. Shove it deep into the ground to cut the root and then pull the top out. Your sandy soil in Hutchinson should make the process pretty easy. The salt and vinegar treatment will kill your grass. Best used on soil where desirable plants are not growing.

  • Renee
    on Mar 31, 2015

    Please don't kill them! They attract bees! And we all know that the bee population is dangerously low. Without bees, there would be no food. Just sayin'. :-]

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