"Cool" roof?

I am hopefully going to be purchasing this home (I am the secondary but it's possible the primary may walk away). It needs a new roof and I have negotiated this into my offer (I will get money from sellers at closing to put towards a new roof). This house has hot water heat so no central air. They do have a permanent window unit in the kitchen area but the master br is upstairs and I know I will get hot sleeping in the summer.
I heard about "Cool Roof" materials and am interested. I won't be able to afford a metal roof and think they are butt ugly anyway. Are cool roof's only metal or are there traditional shingle roofing materials that will help with keeping the upstairs cooler?
Also, I am already considering installing a split AC unit in the master (or a portable unit depending on how much all the other stuff I need to fix is going to cost me :/) Any help/info would be appreciated :)
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