Should the whole house have to be same color?

I want my bathroom to be purple and lime green with silver. The bedroom I think the same colors but he may think it's to girly. Will the house look good with sections of one color that you choose?
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  • Valerie Valerie on Apr 15, 2015
    I think this is such a wonderful opportunity to express your individuality! I had my house interior repainted last year, and selected different colors for almost every room. My bathroom is tiled to the ceiling, so that was not painted. But my study is a soft purple, my craft room is pink, the lounge/dining room/kitchen is aqua, and my bedroom is a soft green. It is probably not everyone's taste, but I love it! Have fun with it - it is, after all, only paint and the worst case scenario is that you may have to repaint if it turns out to be disaster!

  • I wanted a connection between all my rooms but yet have each one be it's own entity. I tend to do really unique, eclectic decorating. (As you can see in one of my past living rooms: ) But in this home I wanted more of a flow. I'm in the middle of choosing color schemes for each room in our new home. All my walls will be light grey except possibly the kitchen. Then each room with have unique accent colors that complement the grey well. But the bottom line is, it's your home and you can do whatever you like that feels good!

  • Anna Anna on Apr 15, 2015
    As long as you don't plan to sell the house soon I see no problem with making your house whatever you and hubby want. However you will have to re-paint for selling.

  • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Apr 15, 2015
    Tamiko, what are the shades and hues of the purple & green? Also, where are the bath/bedroom located in your home ... close to the main areas or away a bit?

  • Carol Burkhardt Rask Carol Burkhardt Rask on Apr 15, 2015
    I feel that the only time it's necessary to paint all the rooms the same color, is when you are moving, then a lighter shade of tan or gray throughout, something neutral. But if you are planning on staying awhile, paint whatever you like!!!!! and just enjoy it....... : )

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Apr 15, 2015
    A compromise with the man in your life might be to paint the bedroom a silvery gray with bedding similar and then add the purple and green as accents. Drapes, pillows, lamps and a bench could satisfy your need for color with out over powering the room with too much "girly". White dressers and headboard would help to accent without adding too much color.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Apr 16, 2015
    Agree with lindcurt's suggestion for the bedroom - would be more serene. I have dif colours in my rooms - as long as there is a motif, colour, theme that ties together then all is good. For example, you can reverse the main colour and accents from one room to another, use the same accent colour in all the rooms, etc. .

  • Wendy Jurco Wendy Jurco on Apr 21, 2015
    Do what ever colours you like in which ever room you want, if it doesn't work out, just repaint it.