Tiled Bathroom Mirror Frame - No Grout!

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4 Hours

I wanted to add a little color and some character to the kids bathroom without a lot of cost, time or mess! I put a glass mosaic tile border around it without using any grout!
The plain generic mirror before! I purchased five sheets of mosaic tiles from Lowes. The green color I wanted was around $7 per sheet. I wanted the border 3 tiles deep. The builder grade mirror is 41"x60" and it is glued to the wall without the use of mirror clips.
I used this amazing glue Loctite Power Grab (affiliate)! You can find it by the caulk but no caulk gun is required for use! I was able to squeeze a small (it did not take much at all!) dot of glue onto each tile and just press it to the mirror. The glue stuck fast, I did not have to tape any tiles to make them stick. This glue starts white, but dries completely clear. I peeled the tiles off their sheet and stuck them on one by one. This part took the longest, but was still reasonable!
After the glue was dry I taped off the tiles, and the mirror and used bathroom grade white caulk. The tape keeps the caulk line clean, just remove it as soon as you've smoothed out your caulk don't let it dry with the tape on you'll just remove the whole caulk line taking it off then.
Neat and tidy, no grout to mess with!
Added a little paint to the wall while I was at it, and some towel hooks rather than the bar. It's a whole new bathroom now for a very minimal cost!
Next on the list of things needing updated is that awful floor!
The rest of the budget bathroom makeover details can be found in the blog link below :)
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Kelli @CraftShackChronicles

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14 questions
  • Laura Benavidez
    on Dec 13, 2015

    This is exactly what I want to do with two bathroom mirrors I have. How long has it been since you've completed the project and how have the tiles held up?

    • Kelli @CraftShackChronicles
      on Dec 13, 2015

      @Laura Benavidez it's been almost an entire year since we've completed this project and it still looks as great as the day we put it up! Not a single tile has fallen off, it's super easy to clean, and it still looks fantastic. It's still, to date, my very favorite improvement project in the house.

  • Rkm
    on Dec 23, 2015

    I want to do this, but I DO have mirror clips on mine. Any suggestions how to get around them?

    • Jeannine
      on Mar 9, 2016

      Remove the clips and glue the mirror in the wall? Is that possible?

    • Shelley
      on Mar 9, 2016

      what about just using a longer screw for the clip?

  • Cod3549915
    on Jan 1, 2016

    Can you do this if the mirror is hung with clips?

    • @Cody_norma you could just tile around the clips, which might require snipping a few tiles to size. :)

    • Susan Karma
      on Feb 3, 2016

      i have clips too I'm going to go just inside the outside edge of the mirror. This will leave a mirror frame around the tile frame.

    • Cod3549915
      on Feb 4, 2016

      Great idea¡Can you upload a picture of the final project with the mirror frame?

    • Shelley
      on Mar 9, 2016

      what about just using a longer screw for the clip?

    • Nancy
      on Mar 11, 2016

      Take the mirror down then use longer screws for the clips

  • Margo Fogg
    on Feb 16, 2016

    So you put the tiles on the mirror? Just wanting to double check. That's what it looks like to me.

  • Linda Shannon Crone
    on Mar 10, 2016

    Did you have to cut any tiles in order to make them fit at the corners?

    • Kelli @CraftShackChronicles
      on Mar 10, 2016

      Linda, fortunately my mirror was just the right size for my tiles and I did not have to cut a single tile to make them fit. I started at the bottom inside corner by the wall and worked my way out and up from there. There is a very slight maybe 1/8 inch overhang off the mirror on the opposite side, but it was so slight that I just left it and it doesn't affect the look or the mirror in any way.

    • Brenda Bozeman
      on Jul 23, 2016

      Loved this so much I proceeded to put it in my bathroom with the help of my granddaughter.. we ran the tiles off the edge that ran along the wall and you can't tell that the tiles were just a fraction longer than the mirror. Thanks Kelli for posting your idea, it looks so gorgous and I love it!!

  • Barb
    on Apr 1, 2016

    Any ideas what to do if you have the mirror clips?

    • Mhrbpower
      on Oct 2, 2016

      I was having the same problem and I think I will remove the clips and use the adhesive. 1 extra step but no big deal

    • Krissytoombs
      on Oct 18, 2016

      I have heard that in place of the clips washers can be used to make the surface flatter, then tile right over.

    • Chris
      on Feb 24, 2017

      I am afraid to remove the clips -the mirror in my bathroom is massive and since my husband thinks "it is just fine" I probably will not get any help from him

    • Car22263586
      on May 7, 2017

      You could always add wood. I did mine with cheap wood trim and then I "backed" it with those freebie paint sticks you get from the paint store. If you use wood though be sure to paint the back and edges otherwise it will show because the mirror will reflect.
    • Denise Cox
      on May 9, 2017

      I hate to be a doe-doe bird, but I'm confused. On the second step, did you mean to say that you used a regular bathroom caulking instead of the loctite? Why the change? And why the use of painters tape? To keep the second row of tiles in place?
    • Mary K Ross
      on Sep 13, 2018

      The caulking was used at the tile edge only to give it a 'finished' look

  • Erika
    on Apr 8, 2016

    Looking at the reviews for Loctite, people are saying it doesn't hold up if exposed to any type of moisture. They're talking outdoor moisture, it seems, but I wondered if steam from showers could have the same effect. Has yours held up okay?

    • Erika it's been a little over a year since we've completed this mirror project and so far I can say that it is holding up amazingly! There isn't a single loose tile on the whole mirror and none have fallen off. It's held up so great, and is still one of my favorite projects, I am in fact narrowing down my tile choices to do the same thing to the mirror in our master bathroom.

    • Erika
      on Apr 8, 2016

      Good to know! I am hoping to do a similar project this weekend. I hope it turns out as well as yours. Thank you!

    • Jessica Serrano-Gregg
      on Jul 14, 2016

      I used that lock tight with a mosaic tile table and it never cured but maybe mine was a bad batch. I bought the clear and it was great but the white was weird... I redid it using the gorilla glue silicone construction adhesive and it was the best but not cost effective as it's kinda expensive but I did like the locktite clear but it's hard to find

  • Irene
    on Oct 11, 2016

    Did you glue the tiles to the actual mirror or wall - looking at the before picture, there is no room on the bottom wall, so I'm assuming the mirror?

  • Meclaremont
    on May 9, 2017

    I'm curious why you didn't use adhesive sheets of tile?

    Thank You!

    Mary Ellen

    • Mde31073290
      on Oct 10, 2017

      I used adhesive tiles once...and it wasn't even in a bathroom with dampness that would affect the adhesion. After a while, the edges turn up...the adhesive just isn't good enough to have any staying power. I can only imagine that it would be even worse in the dampness of the bathroom.
    • Donella R
      on Sep 26, 2018

      Are you referring to the adhesive strips that you add to the wall first and then adhere the tiles? I just purchased some tile and the adhesive tape to attach tiles. It said that it would work in the bathroom. Or are you referring to tiles that have the adhesive back? (Peel and Stick)

  • Rosy
    on Mar 21, 2018

    What did you use to clean the mirror before adhering the tiles.

  • 30484380
    on Apr 29, 2018

    Serious, but rookie DYIer, question: I know I am somewhat ignorant, but I DO have clips on my mirror. Could I just not skip the immediate area around the clips? Overall, the big pic effect would be the same; slight areas omitted, but would it look that bad?

    • Jackie Burns
      on Jul 12, 2018

      I would think it's a personal taste thing. I know seeing and knowing the clips were there would drive me crazy.

    • Lora Taylor Hyatt
      on Sep 14, 2018

      You could always camouflage the clips once you get the tiles up like put some small something that goes with your theme ie: a flower, seashell

    • Em
      on Nov 1, 2018

      Same thoughts as Tara but you could add another tile on top since they are so small bridging it over the one on either side of the clip for an added dimenstion

    • Annie
      on Nov 1, 2018

      We have clips too..and I have seen DIY sites where they replace them with washers, thus allowing you to frame (or maybe tile) over them. Haven't done it myself yet, but that might be a fix.

    • Faith
      on Nov 2, 2018

      Just an thought, and I have NO IDEA if it could work, but....if the clips are close to thw same size/shape of the tiles, couldn't you disguise them by painting them to match the tiles? I imagine that over time, the paint could chip off (or peel) but if you're careful when cleaning the mirror, I don't see why that couldn't work!

  • Susan
    on Nov 1, 2018

    Is there any grout between the tiles or are they just butted up against one another? Also does the caulk prevent you from seeing the back side of the tile itself in the mirror? Thanks

    • Kathrine Anderson
      on Nov 1, 2018

      Yes - I am wondering what the caulk is for - same as Susan's question. Thank you. Great idea!

  • Mae
    on Nov 2, 2018

    Love, love your shower curtain, where can I purchase one??

  • Amber
    on Jan 8, 2019

    I have a hideous Gold-yellow metal fame. Any way to change the color w/o destroying integrity of mirror?

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  • Dxfrye
    on Nov 11, 2018

    I wonder if this couldn't be done on a thin wood frame made out of luan & mounted with command strips (velcro based, removable) for a rental space

  • MF
    on Dec 4, 2018

    Wow! What a difference! - I used the peel and stick tiles in two colors for my bathroom floor and it turned out beautiful and was a nice easy inexpensive update.

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