Large Pallet Plus Fence Posts Equals A Loft Bed

A very similar conversation happened when I told my hubby to help me build a fireplace mantel. "I'm going to have to run in to town to buy some wood". "No, need to spend money! Just be creative. We have all sorts of scraps and wood outside in the buildings. I saved a big pallet the metal for the garage roof came on... that will be perfect to put the mattress on." And yes, come up with something HE DID! A few hours later, I went upstairs to see this!
Here's a little of how it went down........
I had a panic attack when I looked out the window and saw the pallet I had been saving for my loft bed someday in the dumpster. No, my dad assured me, it was not IN the dumpster. Just on it. So his ladder could perch on top of it while he worked on our garage roof. He's always been a "safety first" kind of guy.
I never gave using these fence posts for myself a second thought, let alone a first one. I tried to sell them, but apparently there isn't a big market for old fence posts. Good thing, because the day I sent Hubby on a loft-bed-building assighment, he saw them and wouldn't you know it, there might actually be some creativity in that head! He paired them with the pallet and bingo! A whole loft bed without spending a dime!!
The little desk fits under it perfectly and all it really needs now is a cozy bean bag chair underneath. But we'll leave that to Grandma and his birthday. :)
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