TV Cabinet Turned Kitchen Cabinet #30DayFlip

Who remembers the world before televisions were flat? Well, for the youngsters...let me provide a little background. You see, televisions used to be huge, and required nice storage units like the one you see here. But, then technology changed. Televisions became flat and hung on walls. And, the old TV storage units...well they became furniture has-beens...or did they?
This unit was sitting in the light-starved, north-facing corner of my kitchen. So, as part of the (reveal on May 2) the area is getting fresh paint, and the unit a new do. The goal is to lighten and brighten, and yet maintain all of that glorious storage.
The refinishing process really wasn't hard, or out of the ordinary. The piece was washed and sanded.
Then painted with Fusion Mineral paint and sanded some more. Then touched-up and sanded some more. Sound familiar? I just kept working with it until I got the look I wanted. I used a base coat, then rubbed the edges with candle wax, and then brushed on a topcoat. After more light sanding, I wanted more color here and less color I touched some areas with paint and sanded others. It was simply a balancing act based on personal preference.
But, what makes this redo interesting is how the unit stood when I was working on it. I had two choices: (1) Not to refinish the unit until I had it separated into two pieces...or (2) Finish it where it stood and separate it afterwards. This meant I'd have to finish the bottom piece with a blind side. I'd have no idea how the top for that bottom unit would look. So what did I choose?
You bet I went for it. I finished the bottom and hoped for the best. When hubs returned from a business trip, this is what he encountered. A regular DIY shock and awe moment. It was hilarious. And then..came the moment of truth. The top piece was removed and this was in between those pieces.
A piece of mahogany in pristine condition. I didn't have to do anything to it except give it a good cleaning.
Then the refinished unit was moved into place and loaded up with all of the little kitchen essentials.
Where it will serve as a kitchen cabinet in all of its worn and chippy glory.
As for the top, it is also getting a new life. More on that redo later. But, for now, the old bottom is the story of the day. It looks like it was custom-made for this space and really glams up the area.
Next time you're out thrifting and see an old TV unit, maybe you will stop and give it a second-look as a chest for anywhere in the house. The old has-been is now a true wanna-be.
For more details about the painting process and please check out the blog site at http// or via the direct link below.

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  • Diana Deiley
    on Feb 8, 2018

    OMG you are so funny. You had me with "before televisions were flat". I'm old enough to remember my parents first 9" console black and white television with maybe 2 stations to choose from  that went off the air at midnight. The National Anthem was played and the screen went fuzzy. Guess that makes me older than dirt.  I absolutely love your makeover. Beautiful job and thanks for sharing with all of us.
  • Geezer Wench
    on Feb 27, 2020

    Those old TV cabinets make good wardrobes, too!

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