Landscaping ideas needed

Looking for low maintenance plants and greenery. I love Dwarf English boxwoods.
The area is almost always sunny. I think an island in the middle of the yard would be great.
q landscaping ideas needed, curb appeal, flowers, gardening, landscape
q landscaping ideas needed, curb appeal, flowers, gardening, landscape
Grass will be added in a couple weeks.
q landscaping ideas needed, curb appeal, flowers, gardening, landscape
Something like this- except without the 2 tall trees by the steps.
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  • Kat Kat on Apr 26, 2015
    Lantana and bulbine are very low maintenance in low-water areas.
  • CK CK on Apr 26, 2015
    Check with your local nurseries, soil conversation office and even online to see what grows well with low maintenance in your planting Zone. (You're in Zone 6) Remember landscaping takes time to mature (unless you have the budget to start with nearly full grown plants). I like using smaller plants and watching them grow :-)
  • Alys Alys on Apr 26, 2015
    I would consider starting with a well placed, mature tree, one as large as you can afford. Make sure it has well-behaved roots and orient the tree to provide maximum shade in the summer and if decidious you'll get the warm sun in the winter. From there, you can plan outward. Lawns are high maintenance and require mowing, fertilizing, edging etc. and don't do much for the environment. You might consider a smaller area of grass, surrounded by fast-growing, drought tolerant or low water needs shrubs. Have fun! It's a great opportunity to be able to start from scratch.
  • Mary Ker Mary Ker on Apr 27, 2015
    What zone are you in?
  • Connie Mar Connie Mar on Apr 27, 2015
    Agree with Alys And Connie. Would also plant a windbreak at the back of the yard on the north side of the house. The less grass, the better. There are some low water grasses that grow slowly and don't need much water that will be less maintenance. Finding out what does best in your area and buying native plants (grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees) will mean less maintenance, better chance of staying alive, and typically less water. Think about maybe having a small garden with edible plants, too.
  • Gale Gale on May 03, 2015
    If the above picture is what you like,Take your garden hose and lay it out till you have the shape you like,Then use white spray paint and outline the laid out shape.Make sure you have no sharp edges you want the mower to be able to move along the shape easily.Buy plants you really want & love because they will be with you a long time.Hope this helps. Have fun!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on May 04, 2015
    Would plant some trees of various mature heights on either side of the house to frame it, and then work inwards. You have a pic of what appeals to you, so take that to a nursery and have them suggest plants that are similar and which are good for your area.
  • Socorro Gonzalez Socorro Gonzalez on Jan 12, 2016
    First of all inspect your garden. Plant cold season vegetable and cold root vegetable in the backyard. Buy plants you really want because they will be with you a long time. in winter protect winter flower with fabric.
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