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DIY Ant Deterrent Spray

The ants are invading, the ants are invading! Well, they aren't now, but they did try. Every single spring, out of nowhere, they show up in a thin little line from the back door into our kitchen. I don't like using chemicals in our home, so I started making my own Ant Deterrent Spray that works like a charm and smells good too! No nasty chemicals or ants!
Ant Deterrent Spray
You will need some distilled water, witch hazel and Peppermint Essential Oil.
Add some witch hazel to your spray bottle of water.
Next, add some Peppermint Oil.
Spray around your home wherever ants are coming in. They won't come near it...for some reason, most insects (and spiders) detest the smell of peppermint. The witch hazel will kill them if they do try to pass through, making this mixture perfect for keeping the critters at bay! For exact measurements and tons more chemical free tips and tricks for you home, visit the link below and check out my blog, Mom 4 Real!

To see more: http://www.mom4real.com/homemade-peppermint-ant-spray/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Grace
    Grace Lexington, KY
    on Apr 28, 2015

    Thank you! Ants rarely come in, but I will clip this and give it a try when I see them! :D

  • Sandy Eck
    Sandy Eck Woodville, OH
    on Apr 28, 2015

    Cats immune system cannot break down essential oils, over time, it could kill them, shut down their liver etc. I would not be spraying this next to the dishes or anywhere near them.

    • L. Ann
      L. Ann Mccomb, MS
      on Apr 28, 2015

      @Sandy Eck Thanks for this reminder! Liver damage in animals is cumulative and irreversible.

  • Maggy Downing
    Maggy Downing Banning, CA
    on Apr 28, 2015

    Anyone know of a super home made killer for roaches? we have been invaded , never in my life have I ever had a roach problem. I have no idea where they come from. One neighbor had a exterminator spraying around their MH. soon after we started seeing them in out MH!

    • Beatriz Maria
      Beatriz Maria Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
      on May 2, 2015

      @Maggy Downing acid boric mixed with sugar. Under all your kitchen s appliances. It works.

  • Melody Colarusso
    Melody Colarusso Murrells Inlet, SC
    on Apr 28, 2015

    A mixture of boric acid and baking soda! half and half. Sprinkle around your backsplash and under your kitchen sink. Just keep away from open food and pets.

  • Stephanie Coleman
    Stephanie Coleman Greensboro, GA
    on Apr 28, 2015

    Please don't use this if you have cats. It's poison to them!

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