Any suggestions how to dress up a 6 ft wide closet doors in bedroom

Cherry traditional furniture so can't be rustic. I can't find any bifolds that look right. Currently have bifold louvered doors. Maybe a windowpane door on sliding doors?
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  • Darla Darla on Apr 30, 2015
    With cherry traditional furniture, you could do away with doors altogether and put up some beautiful drapes.

  • Denise Denise on Apr 30, 2015
    Have you thought about adding a large shelf in cherry finish with brackets in center and each end. You can use wood or wrought iron for the brackets. If you go with the wood, drill holes so you can insert a drapery rod. Since your doors are so large, I would add drapes on each side of the doors so they won't stand out so much. Hope that helps.

  • Ray Phillips Ray Phillips on May 01, 2015
    I would get mirrored sliding doors and they look great and make the room look larger.

  • Lora Winebarger Lora Winebarger on May 01, 2015
    I have a tri fold ( made in the mid 20's) it is door frame covered in fabric Looks like it would be easy to make. Just a suggestion ( then you could match your color pallet)

  • Connie-Jo Nellis Connie-Jo Nellis on May 01, 2015
    I have 2 suggestions depending on your area. Both closets in my bedroom are standard 3 foot doors, 2 of them that close in the middle (as cheap as I could get and still have some fashion). They both swing outward, much like French doors, giving total access to the closet without folding doors or sliding doors in the way. My ex painted them white and the fake 6-pane inserts the color of the room. I, too, have cherry furniture (LOVE IT!). These doors have received many positive comments from people visiting my home. The 2nd suggestion is using the IDEA of the barn doors that are mounted on the wall and slide open, again completely accessessin the closet. These doors do not have to be barn doors (which, with cherry furniture would be totally out of place). But just the idea of the sliders attached to the wall might work. I'd try my first suggestion first though. Works for me.

  • Connie-Jo Nellis Connie-Jo Nellis on May 01, 2015
    Oh, and I would avoid the mirrored door thing - too 70's!!

  • Don Don on May 02, 2015
    Paint match the doors to furniture? Paint a contrasting color to match something else in room? Get unfinished doors and dark stain to match? Crackle paint? I second the mirrored door if top to bottom panels but, not cheap. Great for dressing and does enlarge room.