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Giving Our Canopy Bed a Quick Little Facelift!

I think my family is still in shock that I cut up this Country French Ethan Allen Canopy Bed.....even 5 months after the first cut. What made me do it?
Right or wrong, I felt that it was taking up too much "visual landscape" in our bedroom. We have a very small room and the top of the canopy was only inches from the ceiling fan. This bed definitely was designed for a large room, and ours was not doing it justice! The only room big enough was the room above the garage, and it has sloped walls and a teenage boy who was not about to sleep in a "girly" bed.
After kicking it around for a few months, I decided to cut it down. I made a template of the existing curves in the head and footboard and tackled it with a regular jigsaw, a saw-saw.
I had a hard time with the angles in the corners but with a little wood filler you would never know all the issues I had!
Here is a shot before all of the pillows were piled on....
.....and after. With the filler and stain to match the fruitwood finish, this bed is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house. Nothing like revamping a piece to keep it fresh and relevant! ;)

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