How to Make a Vanity From a Single Board!!

When I started my $300 Powder Room Renovation, the first thing that had to go was the hideous vanity, but I didn't want to buy another one. They can get pricey or just be cheap looking. But I found a solution that only took an afternoon to build and some glue/stain drying days.
This is how dreamy my previous vanity was. It's not terrible, it's functional, but the biggest problem is that it took up about half of the bathroom. You had to shimmy around the door just to get in because there was no room to move.
I happened to find this gem in a dumpster when our church was being renovated. Dumpster=free lumber. Score. It was just taking up real estate in my garage until inspiration struck. I was going to make my vanity out of this 1 board.
Step 1- cut into usable, pre-measured pieces. I carefully diagrammed how I would be cutting the board to match my drawn out plan. These pieces are actually the legs and the tabletop. The piece on the left will be cut into 4 equal pieces for the legs. For the diagram- please go to
I planed each board to get the ugly off and until they were nice and smooth, but still kept a bit of old character.
The sink that I scored off Craigslist for $15 needed a hole. So I measured it with a compass and then cut it out of the 2 pieces that would be joined to be the vanity top.
I joined the table top using my Kreg Jig and self tapping Kreg screws.
I attached the legs and sides the same way using the Kreg Jig which made the super strong.
This is the Kreg Mini, I used it to drill pocket holes in the front piece after I already attached it because it was just easier for me. I'm sorry this sounds like a Kreg commercial, but honestly, it's my favorite tool.
Side supports were added about halfway down the legs to make sure they had enough support and weren't wobbly.
A nice sanding, staining and a few coats of wipe-on poly in my own certain way makes it gorgeous and waterproof.
Add our $15 sink, $1 towel holder from Habitat ReStore and Bang! You have a brand new vanity. For step by step instructions, cut list, measurements and diagram, click over to my blog-Sign up for my emails to see the entire $300 Powder Room Reveal! Your going to be shocked! Http://

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2 questions
  • Cher
    on Jul 11, 2016

    Great imagination = Beautiful and functional results! Good for you. It looks wonderful! Maybe you can tell me, I have an old free-standing sink that I want to replace. I have a great old dry sink that I got for a song, and a sink I got off Craigslist for free. I want to marry the sink with the dry sink. What I'm not sure of is how to plot out where to cut the top hole in the dry sink to align it with the drain. Any advice? Thanks!

    • Cher
      on Jul 12, 2016

      Thanks, I'm sure I can create a template of the sink with some thought. But cutting the hole where it looks good on the top of the dry sink doesn't guarantee that the drain on the sink aligns with the drain coming out of the wall. That's my concern. There's only a minute amount of movement in the pipe to get it aligned to marry the drain on the sink. That's my concern. I'm thinking I should take measurements from the back and side walls to the center of the wall drain and transfer the measurements to the dry sink?

  • Rocker chick
    Rocker chick
    on Jul 12, 2016

    Wonderful share! I love that stain! What color is it? You mentioned a wipe on poly, what is its consistany? What direction should you wipe for an even layer? I've only used spray poly, so I'm unfamiliar with the wipe on type. This has given me great ideas! Thanks again!

    • Rocker chick
      Rocker chick
      on Aug 11, 2016

      Thank you answering! I am wanting to up cycle the double vanity in the master bath that your piece has inspired. I plan on framing the two mirrors using the same stain color to match vanity top. The cabinet doors & drawers are stained dark & I think I'm going to use a durable bathroom paint on them but needed stain color to be able to choose a complimentary color. I love the hammered metal hardware in oil rubbed bronze finish if I can find them. They look fabulous with woodwork. I welcome any suggestions you may have. Thanks again!

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