Ideas to cover arched interior window

Does anyone have creative ideas for covering an arched interior window? I'd like to turn this open room into a bedroom. Curtains are out- need it covered in a cool way. Thanks!
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Interior window, top left- need it covered in an artistic way for privacy inside that room.
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  • BryanandKaty O'Hagen BryanandKaty O'Hagen on May 07, 2015
    one of those planked sliding doors that I see people cover their TV with. OR shutters on each side that actually close and lock.... just something different.
  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on May 07, 2015
    Don't know what's on the other side of that arched window but maybe a mini barn door look? Or maybe for the bedroom side a chalkboard/memo center type thing and on the side facing the stairs, use the back side of the chalk/memo board and add little shelves or just a large piece of art.
  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on May 07, 2015
    Glass blocks, or stained glass would be nice. If stained glass is too costly a faux stained glass look could be done using gallery glass paints on plexi glass cut to fit the window.
  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on May 07, 2015
    If you are amenable to this idea, it probably would not cost a whole lot to pay a professional handyman to just close it off with drywall & the other side would be completely also looks dangerous if anyone accidentally fell out that opening onto the stairway!
  • CK CK on May 07, 2015
    I think Jan Loehr's on the right track. Have it professionally enclosed with drywall. Up that high, it would be best thing for safety. I know, I'm always looking for inexpensive fixes too. but in this case, spending the money to enclose it with drywall is going to be money well spent.
  • Rose Rose on May 08, 2015
    I would get a film of some kind and make it look like stained glass.
  • Laurie Ellithorpe Laurie Ellithorpe on May 08, 2015
    I would just have it drywalled personally...
  • KathyBH KathyBH on May 08, 2015
    Why cover? I just did my front bay windows with a product called "Stained Glass Appliques". Got mine at JoAnn's $20 each. They just cling to your window and look like real stained glass. They are made by Brewster Home Fashions, Randolph, look them up on the web to see the different patterns they carry. Good Luck........
    • Kace Kace on May 08, 2015
      Thanks- the problem is that it's just an opening- no glass or frame inside...
  • Gale O'Neal Gale O'Neal on May 08, 2015
    Personally I would have someone come and fill it in on the stair side to look solid and leave the other side as is to use a for a mirror or shelving area.
  • Sharon Allen Sharon Allen on May 08, 2015
    how about a stained glass insert ?
  • Kathy Kathy on May 09, 2015
    What is on the other side, and what is in-between the 2 walls? At least it looks like 2nd wall is beyond the open space. If you just want it covered, why not hang a picture larger than opening? I used a beautiful poster for many years (now a neice has it in her 1st apt.). I got it very reasonably priced at the Ranger Station Gift Shop in the Rain Forest in Washington State. It was an alpine meadow scene, put in an inexpensive poster frame. You can also pick a fabric you like, wrap a framed art frame and hang it up. Nobody will know the opening is behind.
    • Kace Kace on May 09, 2015
      I actually think that's what we may do! My husband is an artist- we were trying to come up with complicated "fixes" and realized a 4x4 canvas would cover it nicely!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on May 09, 2015
    Good ideas. Is it to provide for air movement? And what is the dark ceiling opening that can be seen through the wall opening? I'd be more concerned with getting a railing on the steps. After that, I'd hand a long mural piece of art over it.
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    • Kace Kace on May 09, 2015
      Oh! And that hole is attic stairs, before the install.
  • Moxie Moxie on May 09, 2015
    I think I would put a mirror in it and the put one of those filigree type vinyl panels over the mirror that look like rod iron. You would have to put a little framing in the opening, maybe a back panel so the other side could be a cute niche. Just my thoughts...what a cool space!
    • Kace Kace on May 11, 2015
      @Moxie What's the filigree panel you're talking about? I like your idea about something that looks like iron...I THINK I can envision what you're talking about...can you show me a pic? Thank you!!
  • B. Enne B. Enne on May 10, 2015
    Drywall on stair side ( add art work--a big canvas of some sort, or a mirror) and leave it as a niche on the other, if that would look right.
  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Oct 16, 2015
    I am not sure if you are trying to hide the window or cover it up, why not paint right on the window with a view blocking film to keep the light and add shutters shaped like half the window on each side, if to hide, cover with artwork, let us see the finished project, thanks for sharing.
  • Renae Renae on Feb 08, 2016
    have you thought of DIY'ing a faux (or real) stained glass window? That could be very pretty or more classic if you like that. If this post doesn't help just figure that I'm building a Craftsman house and have faux stained glass on my mind.... Renae
  • Leslie Leslie on Feb 14, 2016
    Big picture over the opening.
  • Joan LeVasseur Joan LeVasseur on Aug 18, 2016
    As Renae has said I like the idea of the stained glass. It can be traditional or modern. I bought some at the craft store, you peel it off paper and stick it to the glass. Mine was quite geometric. It was used in the windows of our church basement so no one could see in but the light shone through.