Steamer Trunk Redo

This old trunk belonged to my grandpap and was in pretty sad shape being stored in the attic. I used it as miscellaneous storage for odds and ends, and yes, away from my sight. But I actually liked it and decided it would be a great coffee table if something was done to it. So................
Originally it was covered with a black linen, and you couldn't set a cup on it because of the wood slats being there. First pic shows where I sanded and refinished around the side slats. leaving them fairly rugged for interest. I added the jute pulls since the old belting was destroyed. And boy!, was those shreds hard to remove.
Next, I had this old goat cameo pin that was broken in back, so it was a perfect fit to the front lock. In it went...I also stained all the inset areas with Jacoba stain, several coats, letting it settle naturally so scratches and marring still showed.
This step took the longest. I had to tape off all that linen wood to expose only the metal accents.
Tip: Never use priority tape, use regular shipping tape. The priority was a nightmare to remove!
Anyhoo, I first did a coat in bright gold. Good grief? How gaudy. Hated it. Since I'd worked with hammered copper before and like the battered look it gave, it only took a moment for me to decide to use it. It turned out beautifully!
Then it was down to the lumber yard where I purchased some 1x4 boards and cut them an inch longer all the way around to fit the top. Hard as Nails glue I used to glue them together, clamping the boards, and let them cure for several days.
Minwax Provincial was the stain I used here, on the slats too, rubbing it on with a sponge, then wiping off, several times, until the shade I wanted. Leaving it dark and light gave a wonderful sheen.
I added five strips of lathe wood to the top of the trunk, then glued on the table top.
I love decoupage...what can I say! I fell in love with this Earth on Fire pix I found on the internet, so printed it out on my computer. Using my homemade Modge Podge, I applied it to the top. Next it was four coats of polyurethane, with drying time in between.
The last little accent, I couldn't resist, a little plastic scotty dog, taken off a mangled 1940's cigar box.
You'll notice the strap holders are a nice dark hunter green. After removing what was left of the paper inside, I also painted the inside hunter green too. Pix below was taken just before I added the only bit of color.
Minus the green, here is the finished project. I love it, and now it holds all my treasured picture albums, five generations of my family.

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