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First attempt at Annie Sloan

We purchased a cabin in late December in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The cabin is wonderful but it doesn't have the look we want for it to have. We are starting off with a knotty pine cabinets. I know there are some that prefer the natural wood look but a yellow wood isn't to our taste.
On this site I learned about Annie Sloan chalk paint and have taken two classes.
Difficulty: Easy
I was trying to think how I could add something else to the door to make it look more visually interesting and then remembered the boards in Lowes that have the lines in it like wainscoting so we grabbed a small piece of it and the hubby cut a piece down to size and it fit.
I added liquid nails and then stuck the cut piece in the cabinet door.
I then started adding paint. I selected chateau grey. Kind of a green grey.
After completing two coats of paint and clear waxing it looked like this...
Sorry about the shadows. My light fixtures were adding some shadowing.
Then I added dark wax to the center ...
After wiping down the dark wax and clear coat waxing and wiping down this is the look.
In the cabin we will be adding a dark wood beam to the ceiling so it should all go nicely together.
This was just the test but I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I will be sealing the knots on the cabinets and will most likely be painting the door knobs black. That is the hubby's desire. He really wants to replace them but I want to reuse if possible.
I'd love to hear some ideas if you all have any. Have a great weekend!
  • Diana Wearing
    Diana Wearing Oregon, WI
    on May 10, 2015

    I think it looks great!

  • Barb in Texas
    Barb in Texas Houston, TX
    on May 10, 2015

    Wow, I don't normally like dark wax treatments, but yours is beautiful. I bet those colors will look great in a cabin with dark ceiling beams!

  • Carole
    Carole Australia
    on May 10, 2015

    I rather like that look for a cabin! Well done and especially well done for a first attempt! Please post when your kitchen cabinets are all done. Would love to see the overall look.

    • RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.com
      RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.com Colorado Springs, CO
      on May 11, 2015

      Thanks Carole! We will be painting them this upcoming weekend. I will post photos as soon as I get home. Fingers crossed!

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on May 11, 2015

    Very nice!

  • Fab and Pretty
    Fab and Pretty
    on Jul 2, 2015

    great improvement for a mountainous region!

    • RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.com
      RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.com Colorado Springs, CO
      on Sep 9, 2015

      @Fab and Pretty Thank you so much! It really is coming into its own. We have been doing a lot of work, building a fence, refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen, changing out an appliance...it has been a lot of work but it really is becoming our home away from home.

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